13 Photos That Shows Human-Nature Relationship And The Nature Is Crying For Help


Human-nature relationship-In the history of the world, it was out with the meteorological observations of the last 150 years. In those years 2017 was the year with the hottest views. And then many scientists confirmed the cold weather of Europe and the USA, and it was out that the two countries are going to be the coldest among all. We cannot say anything about the prediction of the scientists, but for sure we know that there was nothing like good that we get on our planet so far in that year.

According to the experts the mood swings of nature act as the nervous climate. And the typical behavior is on the Arctica which causes Greenland’s ice to disappear on the high rate. The rate at which the ice is melting at the poles is two times more than the ice that was melting ten years ago.

Here we have gathered the pictures of the current mood of nature which is showing its adverse effects. And for this change in the atmosphere, only humans are responsible. Their corrupt practices have to lead to the decline in the ozone layer and also the melting of ice at the poles.

Abnormal heat makes people adjust to new conditions. The ambient temperature in Arizona reached 120°F, and 130°F in Kuwait.

13 Photos of the Human-Nature Relationship That Are Crying for Help

Human-nature relationship-There is a change in the weather such that the drivers at Arizona wear gloves while driving the car. It is due to the collapsing of the ozone layer. The earth is losing the net amount of oxygen and giving rise to the carbon contents. And the ultraviolet rays are affecting our skin.

Abnormal cold in regions where it is not typical

Where there is cold, the places are becoming colder and where it is hot, the temperature is rising. Alligators cannot live in extremely cold conditions, and it is like death to them.

It has snowed for three years in a row in The Sahara Desert.

As time passes, we all have to adapt according to the climatic changes. The consistent snowfall is unfortunate, not the norm.

A Siberian tiger came out of a forest to find food.

People are doing specific practices such that the Tigers are coming out on the roads and not only tigers; many other animals are also facing the problem of hunting and poaching which lead them to do so.

Felling of tropical forests in Brazil

If we keep on deforesting the plants, then there will be no forest left in the future time. And according to the research made the forest may disappear by 2040.

A bright billboard drowning in thick smog in China

About 85% of the people are breathing in the polluted air due to the establishment of the industrial sector.

Gijón is a city in Spain, and located 100 km from a forest fire. The photo was taken at 10 a.m.

In the USA there were 66,131 fires in the year 2017 which has destroyed almost 9.8 million acres of land. It is human carelessness that forest is catching fires and the vast destruction.

This pink color appeared in one of Russia’s city reservoirs.

The change in the color of the water was due to the fact there is the formation of the acid rain, and it has lead to the toxic environment and thus polluting water bodies.

An overcrowded beach in Rio de Janeiro

According to the studies, the population of the earth will reach 9 billion people by 2030. But think of the fact that in 1927 the people of the world was 2 billion.

A polar bear dying of hunger on the Arctic Ocean shore

Polar bears are starving due to global warming. There is destruction in the habitat of polar bears, and hence they are hungry to eat seals from the sea. The picture depicts their current conditions.

A large oil spot has formed as a result of an explosion of an oil platform in 2010.

12 million oil gets dumped into the oceans in one year, and thus it is polluting the natural source of water. The upper layer of the seawater covered by oil fat.

This photo of a seahorse holding a Q-tip shows the real condition of today’s ocean.


Whales choke on plastic debris.