Here Are Some Answers To The Questions To Find Out “Why Does Nobody Leave Canada?”


Why does nobody leave Canada-Do you know what is there is Canada in actual? Do you know everything about the country? Well, the most common things that we are familiar with are maple syrup, hockey, and police on horseback. Do you know something more than this thing? It is a fact that more than 100,000 people in the country of Canada and they love it and will never want to leave it ever in their life. Let us figure out what is excellent in it.

Here are some digging facts that we have come up to. We would like to share that with you. Who knows but there might be some readers who get inspiration from the reading article to make a stay there.

Here are some facts about why does nobody leave Canada.

1. When Canadian people do not have something to do with then, they go for an outing with the posters to cheer up other people.

15 answers to the question why does nobody leave Canada

2. You can get see some strange giving look to you the shapes of the bear for the number plate of the vehicle. But you will love it.

15 answers to the question why does nobody leave Canada

Before the year 1999, the license plate of the vehicle was in the shape of the walking polar bear which gives the symbol of the northern territory named Nunavut. But then they started using the regular plates, but you can still get the plate in the shape of a bear.

3. Canadians love doing a prank and hence whenever they get the right place they execute it with the great sense of humor.

This why does nobody leave Canada because Canadian people love to do a prank. A resident of Montreal decided to do a prank with the policeman. He constructed a car made up of snow and parked it in the wrong place. What even more? He put the windshield wiper so that the vehicle might look the real one. When policeman visited the area, he found it as the funny one.

4. Canada is rich in oil.

Canada stands in third place for being rich in oil after Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. In the country, nature is very generous and calms us. In addition to the oil, there is a lot of freshwaters, many beautiful lakes, and well-protected forests.

5. Reason five why does nobody leave Canada. Canada has a charity foundation to help women when they are not exceptional and help them in cleaning.

The name of the organization is “Cleaning For A Reason.” The bases of unity are in the US, but the Canadian Government also works for it.

6. Well, the money in Canada do not get spoiled by the water, but it helps us in knowing the number of secrets about it.

The money currency of Canada is not unusual but unbelievable. Nothing can damage it when you put it in the water. Moreover, you can wash it with the help of the soap. It is of plastic not of paper. The second secret is that the dollars consist of the hidden hologram in the maple leaf. It is a video game artifact.

7. Canadians are welcoming such that they have even constructed a land area for the aliens to arrive at their place.

Canadians are hospitable a lot, and hence they are ready to invite extraterrestrials to their place. There is one single landing pad in Saint Paul, Alberta where guests from distant galaxies can easily land their spaceships by some other means of transportation.

8. A kind policeman.

If you are going to think that the policeman is checking the license of the girl, then you are wrong. He is buying a glass of lemonade from the cute one.

9. Canadians had saved the forest in Belgium at least two times.

Canadians become severe, and the bond between them is not natural to break when it comes to nature. One industry became a threat to the unique broad-leafed forest, the last one of its kind on the planet. The industry is vast such that its name is “Great Bear.” Then they planned to use 15% of the forest by the industry and rest 85% to leave it for natural beauty. The Canadian approach is, “We should come up with ideas on how to change the economic models and save the place where we live.”