Love is one of the best feelings which can never be expressed in the form of words perfectly. Instead, it can be best illustrated in the form of artworks where every inch of it can be felt. Some of the artists take it to whole new level and depicts value of love in a relationship beautifully. One such artist is Tunlaya Dunnvatanachit, popularly known as Tuna Dunn who initiated drawing her sketches three years back based on the theme of love, relationship and bonding. She used social media as the best platform to showcase her talent, and since the past few years, she has gained approximately 76k followers on her Facebook page. Here we mentioned some of her best artworks for you people. Scroll down and have a look at these masterpieces.

1) Insomniac

2) That gut feeling

3) Misery

4) Speechless moment

5) We are humans

6) I’m not suitable for you

7) White flag

8) Hidden Talent

9) Bitter Truth

10) And when it’s a true love

11) Don’t go anywhere

12) When the height difference doesn’t matter

13) God, where are you?

14) Cuddling time

15) It’s time to propose