15 People Whose Shower Curtains Will Make You LOL


Funny shower curtains-We all have a particular choice for curtains. Some prefer it sweet and simple, some might like it dark, while others can think of something funky and out of the box. All we know that there are some out there who has quite a bizarre choice for shower curtains. Here are 15 funny shower curtains that will make you laugh out loud.

One Of The Funny Shower Curtains

15 Funny Shower Curtains That Will Make You Laugh

What comes to your mind the moment you look at this? Why is an elephant sitting on a pot? How strong is that pot? What is that elephant thinking? Why would someone even use this one funny shower curtains?

2. Bang!

Cute, artsy, and ahem! *Giggles*

3. The Least Featured Creature On Skull Island

Remember King Kong? Now, once you have seen this picture on a shower curtain, you can’t unsee it.

4. To-Do-List

How busy are you that you can’t even remember your morning schedule? Or… Is it for daily inspiration?