Check 15 Innovative DIY’s To Have More Room In Your Apartment


How to maximize your space-It feels extraordinary when you think that you must move to chase your dreams without the help of the parents and it will also provide you with the fresh feeling of being independent such that you can make your decisions no matter if they are stupid sometimes.  But at least you do not regret that it is by someone else. It feels better when you come back home after work and have some little space, or you can even watch your favorite show on the television.

You want to be alone and spend some time with yourself. It feels good when you think that you are the King of the Castle and there is no one judge you and criticize you for something.

But there are many times when you will have to manage the situations accordingly, and you start living in the open space where your apartment might be a bit smaller than your parent’s house. It feels suffocated to live in those places because we will have to put all your extra stuff inside the closet. But I think you should not fear about it many experts can save you from the problems like these.

Here are some of the best ways to maximize your space & you can keep your things organized in a way such that you will feel right living there.

There will be no more giant mugs so that you can hold up the brushes.

15 Innovative DIY's to maximize your space in apartment

The first way to maximize your space if construct some small incisions in the cupboards of the bathroom so that it will help you to keep your brushes safe and tidy away from the germs.

The best way to keep your pieces of the jewelry organized.

If you have the medicine cabinet, then you can fix some of small pins and hoops so that you can hang out your necklaces and earrings there. It will help you not to lose them or tangle them & also maximize your space.

We are here with the budget-friendly knife holder.

If you are not able to afford the expensive knife holders made up of glass and marble, then you need not worry about it because you can hold the bamboo sticks filled up in the jar for the same.

The time when you are using a stack of hangers to more space in the closet.

It is the soda cane that will help you with the technique. You need to insert it on the handle of the hangers and then with that you can create the line of the rods. Is not it smart technique?

You can nail the metal jars to cover the top of the cupboards.

It is interesting to do, and with it, you can save the double space in the cupboard.

Install the metal decks to the top of the floor of the fridge.

It will help you fix the metal cans to fix up top for more freezing room.

If you want the controllers to be safe, then you can put the Velcro Tape.

It will help in the quirk designing and can save them from getting lost and being damaged.

One magnet strap so that you can keep the bobby pins in the place.

Now it will help you save your money, and you will not have to buy the bobby pins again and again.

One carabiner so that you can hold the rubber bands.

You often lose your rubber bands, and now you will not have to worry about them. They are in their proper place.

You can use the metal hooks in the number of ways.

But what can be better than to hang your camisoles on them? It is the best technique.

You can install the PVS pipes in the garage so that it is suitable for the metal tools.

It will help you keep the metal tools organized perfectly and they, will not fall over and over.

The sticky hooks have a different number of uses.

We can use them as kitchen tools, quilting supplies, and much more.

CD racks in the kitchen cabinet.

It will help you to stack and organize the plastic containers correctly.

The plastic pouches to keep the bathroom supplies at the proper place.

Well, you can use them for placing the makeup and shoes as well as it.

Time of using kitchen wire for the jewelry collection.

You can display your earrings by keeping the net of the wires in the frame.