15 Bridges Which Are Unique In Their Own Way


Unique bridges-Bridges connect us to different places. In today’s hustle-bustle life people don’t have time to think about how these are built. Many bridges are similar to each other in structure, made of the same kind of materials. Here we bring to you 15 unique bridges, some of them are built with rare kind of material while others have fun structure and shape. Have a look at all of them.

One Of The Scariest Unique Bridges In Japan

15 Of The World’s Most Unique Bridges In Their Own Way

This is one of the scariest bridges in Japan. It is a 90 feet bridge, the angle could be over 45 degrees, which is able to give you the scariest roller coaster ride.

The Root Bridge In Cherrapunji

The local Khasi tribe of Cherrapunji built this wild and overgrown bridge in Nongriat village of Cherrapunji. The bridge has been constructed using only natural things which make the construction cost of the bridge zero.

The Henderson Wave Bridge

This bridge looks more like a 3D graphics structure in a computer. This is a pedestrian bridge which allows the design to look the way it is as there are less strict rules.

The Rolling Bridge In The UK

This is the rolling bridge in the UK. Whenever someone needs to pass from it, it rolls over the Grand Union Canal and then rolls back allowing the boats to pass from there.

The Helix Bridge In Singapore

This bridge is located in one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies, Singapore. This is one of the coolest bridge, the form, the structure, and the lighting looks really cool especially at night.

The Nanpu Bridge In Shanghai

It is said that if you look at it for long enough, the bridge makes you feel dizzy. The bridge is really twisty which would definitely make it fun to drive through and it looks pretty cool.

The Langkawi Sky Bridge

This bridge is located on one of the highest mountains in Malaysia. Each and every component used for its construction had to be airlifted with helicopters for months as the area couldn’t be easily accessed.

The Neal Bridge

This bridge may look a bit outdated but it is one of the few bridges in the world that are made out of composite. this bridge is entirely made out of fiber reinforced plastic.

The Sundial Bridge

The Sundial Bridge was designed by a Spanish Architect for pedestrians only. This bridge crosses the Sacramento River in the Turtle Bay Exploration Park. This is the only bridge of its kind which makes its design unique.

The Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge

This one of the unique bridges because only three arcs have been used. These arcs are made of extremely high strength steel alloy in order to hold the bridge together. This bridge was completed in 2002.

The Modern Bamboo Bridge

As the name suggests, this bridge is made entirely of bamboos. This is a 32 feet tall bridge which has the load capacity of 8 tons which is enough to allow fully loaded trucks to pass through it.

The Millau Viaduct

The Millau Viaduct bridge covers a great distance. The height of the bridge is 1125 feet which makes it one of the tallest bridges in the world.

The Pont Gustave-Flaubert Bridge

The uniqueness of this bridge is that the midsection is lifted up when a tall ship passes underneath, unlike other bridges which separate in the middle.

The Hangzhou Bay Bridge

This is an S-shaped bridge and almost 22 miles long making it the longest ocean-crossing bridge. These technical specifications of the bridge make it unique.

The “Da Vinci” Bridge

The bridge is named after the Italian Renaissance artist, Leonardo Da Vinci, who drew the original design but wasn’t able to complete it. In 2011, Norwegian artist Vebjørn Sand completed the bridge in his native Norway.