Confession Time! 15 Things Guys Find Unattractive in Women


Things that make you less attractive-A lot of girls wonder what guys might find attractive about them. But actually, guys can be franker when asked what turns them off as well. Most of the time, it’s not just about how you look, but how you act as well. So prepare your notes and pens, ladies! Here are 15 things men may find unattractive in women.

 Things that make you less attractive

1. Atteeeenn-hut!

15 Things that make you less attractive

Come on; even you don’t like attention-seeking bastards pining over you 24/7. And don’t either. While self-confidence can be very attractive for men, overconfidence in a girl is a different story. It’s always about you, you know.

2. Your Hygiene, Jean!

Whether you’re a guy or not, maintaining your hygiene is very important. Not just because it makes you look and smell nice, it’s also healthy. It doesn’t mean you have to go to the spa or the dentist every day, just regular showers and tooth brushing will do.

3. Claws on Paws

Nail art is a popular trend among women, with some of them trying out the fanciest designs for their nails. Despite the efforts girls put into their nails, guys aren’t fans of these intricate art. Long and pointy nails give them a feeling that you’re a bit too high maintenance. They prefer the simple, shorter and more natural-looking ones.

4. Plump Pout Princess

Overly plump lips are unattractive to men. They find naturally full lips preferable since it doesn’t make you look like an insect feasted on your lips.

5. Power Puff Girl

Most girls find smoking an unattractive trait, and so do the guys. What’s uglier about smoking is that it’s dangerous to your health as it destroys your body. After all, being beautiful involves more than just the outside, right?

6. Strawberry Short Cake

Using makeup is okay. A lot of women can’t even go outside of their houses without it. However, although guys can’t tell the difference between a full face makeup and a natural look, applying too much heavy makeup, can turn a guy off.

7. Chitty-chat

Today’s advancement in technology has allowed more people to connect with each other using social media apps. These apps have also made it possible for people who meet online and date virtually. Along with that, people are becoming more and more antisocial. Guys appreciate a girl who can keep up a conversation and has something say.

8. Turn it Down a Little

Being a loud-mouthed girl (literally) can turn any guy off. As much as anyone, they find constant yelling and being loud annoying. It’s a sign of uncontrollable temper or incapability of handling situations. It also makes you sound like a banshee.

9. Get A Life

You know how it goes: you are my life, you are my world. Blah. Honestly, that’s not okay. You’ve got your own life, so do significant things other than texting him all day or sit on the couch. Men find girls more interesting when they’ve got their own thing going on. You know, like a job, a hobby or a business. That sort of thing.

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10. The Negative Nagger

A negative attitude will undoubtedly send him away. Having to put up with constant negativity can be pretty exhausting, after all.

11. Cat Fight

Being mean and rude to other girls is a big no-no. I mean, who’d want someone like that, right? Girls need to support each other, and someone who is genuinely caring and friendly is more attractive.

12. Show & Tell

We’re all familiar with this cycle: you try to make him guess why you’re upset, he doesn’t get it, you get mad, then he gets upset. Really? You know, there’s a simple to solution to all this: just be honest! Guessing games are not helpful in relationships, and guys are aware of that.

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13. Hold the Attitude!

Okay, miss, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Being cocky and immature is not the way to go. Not only will you repel guys, but everyone as well.

14. The Hair Dilemma

Society has profoundly influenced the way men look at girls, especially facial hair. First of all, it is okay and natural for a woman to have facial hair. It’s sad because some guys just can’t accept that.

15. Beautiful and You Know it

Guys do like confidence. You are beautiful. And you have to know it. Don’t let your insecurities get the best of you. Walk with your head held high and strut like a model.