Take Time to Realize: 10 Handy Secrets About Girls for Guys


Things you need to know about women-I know what you guys think: women are enigmas that are complex and impossible to crack. Sure girls are complicated. Yeses don’t always mean yes, and no’s, well, they’re even more tricky.

We’d like to disagree when people say, “women are impossible to understand.” They aren’t. We just live in a society with stereotypical and traditional expectations for women.

To win her heart, you need to understand her heart– how she feels, why she’s feeling that way, and how you can help. But don’t worry, if you think you’re going to have a hard time doing that, we’ve got you covered. So take notes, guys!

Here are ten things you need to know about women!


10 Things you need to know about women

Women, as they say, are givers. So in relationships, whether it be work, family, marriage or romance, they tend to give all their time and effort to keep others happy. With so much sacrifice on their part, naturally, a caring husband or boyfriend like you should at least return the love. Make her feel appreciated by a simple “thank you” and a kiss on the cheek.

Whether you’re already married or still in the dating game, you need to make your woman feel special. It’s not like it’s hard. For most girls, a bouquet of flowers or breakfast in bed will do. If you’re the classic old-fashioned kind of guy, you can write her a letter or give her something you made yourself. The point is to make your princess feel like a queen.

Don’t be afraid to be different from all the “cool kids” who invite girls to “hang-out,” instead of “go out.” Hanging out is cool. I mean, you can chill out with her and a couple of your mates, and it’s also super casual. You give yourself a pat on the back and a fist bump, because you got her to “hang-out” with you.

But boy, she didn’t have a better choice. If you want to win her over, know that girls prefer intimacy and a bit of romance. Hanging out won’t give her that, especially when your friends are sitting next to you on the couch throwing popcorn around.

Instead, take her out on a date and let her know you’re interested exerting effort in showing her how much you care.


Okay, so to bust a popular myth about the ladies, the belief that all girls are attracted to bad boys is wrong. As it turns out, women tend to look for the kind guys as the time passes by instead of the ‘sexy’ playboys. I know what you think: that didn’t work for me before, why would it work for me now? Naturally, men who are sweet and virtuous are preferable for women regardless of their looks, because they’re the ones who are sure to treat them right.

Being the good guy has its perks, you know. You might argue that only movies give the good guys their happy endings, but in reality, it is them that women like more. They’re husband material, as they say– the perfect partners for girls who want long-term relationships. So don’t think that your gentleman attitude decreases your attractiveness. It doesn’t. If your girl has dated a bunch of the infamous bad boys before, maybe she finally realised that guys like you are the way to go.


I know what I said earlier. And no, it’s not confusing. There’s a fine line between being a nice guy and just saying you’re a nice guy,

and girls are experts in detecting the difference. Don’t think she hasn’t met other guys who pretended to be prince charming but eventually revealed their troll attitudes after a few months. If you’re the real prince, she’ll immediately know which frog to kiss and you have to do is show your manners worthy of a crown.

But here’s the thing: she does not owe you anything in return for treating her right. You need to understand that just because you’re sweet, doesn’t mean she needs to say yes to everything you say. Your sweet treatment should a product of your genuine love and interest, and not because you want something from her in return.

Here’s another thing: you can’t blame her if, no matter how hard you try, she doesn’t want to date you. That’s just how life goes, man. You win some; you lose some. Don’t be the bitter bastard grumbling in the corner, expecting everyone to fall at his feet just because he’s the Mr Nice Guy.

Real Mr Nice Guys don’t go around town telling every chick about his ‘Nice Guy’ persona. Instead, he shows everyone what being Mr Nice Guy is all about. In the end, you’ll find out that keeping it lowkey has its benefits.


Okay, listen up. Here’s the thing about catcalling: it’s not okay. Seriously. It’s a universal dilemma of all women in the world. You come after a long, stressful day of deadlines, meetings and annoying bosses.

You just want to relax in the quiet of your home, so you make your way down the street to finally open the door to your heaven. Your heels are killing you, and your bag feels like a ton. Your stomach is growling, and you just want to change into your comfy pyjamas.

All of a sudden, a voice from across the street yells, “Hey, baby!” and whistles at you. You whip around, and he adds, “Damn, babe. The least you could do is smile a little.” as he winks. Just imagine that scenario and how you would feel. Not precisely flattered, right?

It’s sad how society seems to put women into the perfect ever-smiling, always presentable figure; completely forgetting that they’re human beings as well– going through rough times and changes. Women were not created to be decorations, something to be displayed and looked at for pleasure.

They should be allowed to be themselves without imposed stereotypes and societal pressure. So if your girl is stressed out and in a bad mood, let her be and understand her situation.

Luckily, the kids these days are aware of catcalling and its effects on women. Studies show that, in general, older men are more likely to catcall than the younger generation. If you’re one of the latter, a big thumbs up to you!


We’ve already established that chicks dig guys who treat people right. Girls also like guys who are family-oriented, especially when they’re close to their mom. You know what they always say:

if a man treats his mother right, he’s a keeper. Women do believe that, and when you talk about your mom like she’s the most fantastic woman in the world, it increases your points up that attractive scale.

It reflects the way you appreciate the people in your life, especially the one who gave you life and sacrificed so much to raise you. It also reveals how you would treat your future partner in life. Your warm and caring heart and the way you value the women in your life will earn you a spot in a girl’s heart!

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I know it’s cliche, but honesty is the best policy, especially with women. If you’ve been through a playboy phase when you got with a couple of women at the same time, or you’re still currently hanging out with another girl, then tell her.

Commitments can sound pretty scary sometimes, and not everyone is eager in being tied down to a relationship all too soon. While most guys are like that, some women are as well. So it’s also safe to assume that maybe she’s still seeing other guys other than you.

For all you know, she could have more than just two options, especially when you just started to go and hang out together. But when she asks you to commit to a real relationship, make sure that you mean what you say.

In this digital and social age, where a press of a button connects you to everyone in the world, you’re given a choice from almost unlimited options. It’s less likely, especially when you both haven’t agreed to keep things exclusive yet, that she’ll react negatively to your honest declaration of talking to other girls.

Setting expectations and giving assumptions without mutual consent is a result of a lack of communication, so be sure always to be vocal about your feelings.


No, ghosting isn’t the act of being dead and then coming back to life to haunt the living. It’s when you suddenly disappear into thin air without saying anything or even any reasons why.

Sure, it’s understandable in some situations, especially in abusive and toxic relationships. But if that’s not the case, it could leave the other in a painful mess. And most of the time, it’s the female that is left behind, as observed in a research study.

As it turns out, men most likely tend to date a girl and go without warning, only to repeat the cycle after a few months. I know, horrible, right? Again, nothing beats the honesty policy in a relationship. Getting upset is okay, as long as you tell each other. It’ll do more than just make you feel better; it could also save you from all the hurt and pain that ghosting causes.

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That’s right, fellas! Studies show that women because they tend to feel emotions in real time, can move on from relationship faster than men, who are more likely to feel the aftershocks of a breakup on a much later time.

So they try their best to beg their ex to get back together, but it’s already too late. The simple solution? Well, you have to think about your decisions. Do you want to break up? Or are you just fighting over a small misunderstanding?


Feminism is a resounding topic and theme for most people nowadays. Sadly, some people find feminists annoying just because they voice out their opinions too much. However, these people don’t get the deal.

It is sexist to assign specific things and characteristics to a particular sex, and women are being shamed and pushed into constructs attached to their sex all the time.

If your girl ever points out something you did or said that might have offended her, don’t think she’s calling you out for the fun of it. If anything, you probably weren’t aware that your actions or statements were offensive.

You still don’t know what I mean? Okay, get this. Compliments or pick-up lines may seem harmless and maybe fun to you, but for girls, careless words can lead to turn-offs, so be careful. Your seemingly innocent expression of attraction might mean something different to her. My advice? Be sensitive and choose your words wisely.


Despite the fact that most women are the ones who urge the partner to take the next step, they want their relationships to go slow and steady. So, every once in a while, you got to step in and hold the horses.

Don’t make her feel like you’re starting to lose interest, though. Just keep up a pace that’s good enough to lay the foundation of your relationship. Allow more time to get to know each other more, and just the hard times come in; they only strengthen your sails!

Skipping these steps will wreck your ship, and you’ll never get to where you want to go. The physical part of the relationship will come sooner or later, and when it does, it’s going to be so much special for the both of you.

Just make sure to slow things down a little and treat your girl right. Forcing her won’t get her to love you back, but continuous effort to make her feel like a queen will.