15 unique wedding dresses from all around the world


Unique wedding dresses-Don’t we all know the white gowns adorned by brides? They are indeed pretty.

But these wedding dresses aren’t the only one. The world is like a bouquet with just too many flowers, each unique in itself. Have a look at all the compiled wedding dresses from all over the world.

Many countries have numerous wedding dresses based on various regions. And all of them are simply beautiful, I’d say.

Let’s get started and look at the gorgeous traditional wedding outfits from all around the world.

Look at unique wedding dresses from around the world

15+ Beautiful And Unique Wedding Dresses Around The World


Indonesia comprises of many regions and cultures which have various attires and costumes for various traditions. The Batik and Kebaya are the popular ones.

The dress which is red in color is known to ward off the evil spirits. North and South China have unique wedding dresses- Qipao and Qun Gua. The one depicted in the picture above is Qun Kwaa.

This made me awestruck. White symbolizes purity and chastity, hence Russin brides are often seen wearing white as their wedding dress. The veil is an essential accessory here. In old times, it was bad luck or misfortune to see the bride.

In India, you would see brides wearing a beautiful red attire known as a lehenga.

Based on tradition, the bride wears a tunic made of raw silk which is decorated with brocade. The attire worn by the groom and the bride is known and Deel.

This is a Tibetan wedding outfit. Young girls plait their hair into numerous braids which indicate that they are available for marriage. The bride wears a Tibetan dress, jewelry and one unique jewel hanging on the forehead.
The dress is beautiful, but there is more to the look. The headdress, known as Saukele where sau- denotes beauty and Kele- denote head. This plays a huge role in the bride’s life even after she is married.

Pakistani brides wear a heavy embroidered salwar kameez or lehenga. It looks similar to the ones worn by Indian brides. You should have a look at the minuteness of the work.

This is a Nigerian wedding outfit, one amongst the lot. Different regions have various dresses worn at weddings.

The Romanian wedding dress consists of ‘Fota’ – a beautiful ornamented skirt which is usually made of cotton or wool. The added element is Marama- the headwear which tells the marital status of young ladies

Scotland has many clans which have their tartans too. Scottish brides wear traditional tartan wedding dresses wherein they incorporate their husband’s clan’s tartan (pattern of crisscrossed bands in multiple colors) in their marriage.

Ghana is known for its colors. Normally, families have their individual cloth pattern which is featured during weddings.
Based on the wedding customs of Bulgaria, brides should wear red color on the veil for protection from adversities in marriage. She shouldn’t wear her dress before the day of marriage, it attracts bad luck.

Koreans wear Hanbok at weddings and various special occasions. It consists of jeogiri and Chima dress. Men’s hanbok consists of jeogiri and baggy pants.

Scandinavia has a unique heritage which can be seen in their wedding attires too. The brides from Norway and Sweden wear bridal crowns which are different from district to district.

Turkey has various regions, and the clothing tradition varies. Their roots lie in the Ottoman empire, and you could see it in their wedding attire. The brides wear a red veil and have beautifully embroidered dresses.

Hungarian brides wear white for their weddings. In the past, however, they were known to wear very colorful dresses full of embroidery.