16 Makeup rules that you need to stop following!!


There are millions of rules and tips available on the internet as to how to go about doing the makeup. There are several dos and don’ts. But do you really need to follow all of those rules? We believe not. Here we present you some of the rules which are nothing but myths.

You can stop following these rules right away! Have a look at the following myths.

1 .Red lipstick doesn’t suit everyone.

This is so not true! Anyone and everyone can rock the red lipstick. You just need to choose a shade of red that suits your skin tone. That’s it!

2. Dried out mascara is useless.

Your mascara is apt for use up to three months from the date when you first used it. If it dries out before three months, you need not throw if. Just add some eyedrops to your mascara, and it will be as good as a new one. You should, however, change your mascara after three months because the bacteria in your mascara may cause an eye infection.

3. You can get rid of lumps by dipping the mascara wand into the tube several times.

Never do that! It will enable bacteria to enter into the tube reducing the life of your mascara. Instead,  just dip the wand into the tube and twist it.

4. It isn’t necessary to remove makeup before going to bed.

No matter what, you should always remove your makeup before going to sleep. Makeup clogs the pores of your skin preventing it to regenerate, moisturize, and become fresher while you sleep.

5. Cosmetics don’t expire, and you can use them as long as you don’t finish the whole product.

Again, you’re mistaken. Every cosmetic product has a shelf life which is printed somewhere at the back of the product. You should, after opening the product use it within its shelf life only.

6. If you’re alone to use your makeup brushes, you can avoid washing them.

We suggest you to wash your makeup brush after every one or two use. If you avoid washing your brushes, you are paving the way for bacteria to accumulate in your brush. This will be harmful to your skin as you might get skin infections. Not washing brushes will also reduce their shelf life drastically.

7. Cosmetics never go bad.

If you don’t keep your makeup properly,  they will go bad even before the expiration date. You should follow the instructions printed on cosmetics related to storing them.

8. Waterproof mascara can be applied on a daily basis.

Unless it is raining, you should better avoid using waterproof mascara. Use a regular one instead. Reason being the excessive efforts required to wash off the waterproof mascara. You might end up pulling your lashes making them weaker.

9. Moisturizer=primer

Applying primer is not the same as applying moisturizer. Primer has additional benefits. It smoothens your skin and makes your makeup last longer.

10. Concealer should be used before foundation.

It is advised to use foundation first as a base, and then go on hiding the flaws using a concealer. This will give you a natural look.

11. Foundation is bad for your skin.

A good quality foundation is, in fact, beneficial for your skin. It contains Spf that’ll protect you from harmful sun rays. A good foundation will also moisturize your skin. You just need to make sure to use a shade according to your skin tone.

12. Eyebrows should be two tones darker than your hair.

Follow this rule only if you have light colored hair. But if you are a Brunette you should avoid doing that as it will make your face appear rugged.

13. If you have thin lips, you should overline them to make them appear fuller.

This trick only works in pictures. But in real life, overlined lips look nothing but fake. Try to apply some light shiny eyeshadow or face powder over your Cupid’s bow and some shiny lip gloss in the middle of your lower lip. The lighting will do the rest of the magic.

14. To make your eyes look bigger, use a thicker eyeliner.

If you’re creating the smokey eye effect, dark eyeliner is fine. But just make sure not to make the wing too thick as it will create a deep-set effect thus making your eyes look smaller. Try to apply light eyeshadows and eyeliner to the inner eyelid to make your eyes look bigger.

15. Foundation should not be used around eyes.

The area near our eyes is really sensitive. It is told that we should avoid using foundation near eyes. But, you can use an alcohol-free foundation near your eyes. It will not make the area dry, so you don’t need to worry about any wrinkles.

16. Blue eyeshadow is out of vogue.

Trust us, blue, turquoise, and azure eyeshadows are and will always be in fashion. You can use blue eyeshadow in various ways. Combine it with a beige base for everyday makeup. If you want to apply blue eyeshadow to the whole eyelid, use a black eyeliner to line your eyes with it. This will give you a more defined look.



  1. These are sooo useful. I stick to the classic looks that never go out of fashion, but I sometimes follow the trends. However there are sooo many things I was mistaken about, like using the primer as a moisturizer, not wearing foundation because I think it’s unhealthy for my face…

    I find it difficult to stick to the expiration date rule. For one, these are not printed on product itself (sometimes, SOMETIMES it’s written on the box), so I never know how long I should keep my makeup. There are also the budget concerns…. Any advice regarding this?

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