He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not: 16 Ways to find


5. Your Style Supporter

So you’re the fashionista chick who’s always sporting the latest trends. Maybe you’re the laid-back type who rocks the shirt and jeans combo. You can dress however you want, put on make-up how often you want, or even get a haircut every month; it doesn’t matter. He’ll still support you. He knows you’ll look beautiful no matter what you wear or no matter how light or heavy your makeup is. And there’s a simple reason: he loves you for who you are, and not just your looks.

6. The Rain on Your Parade

Seriously, though. Does your boyfriend ever agree with anything you wear? What about your thoughts on things? Does he listen to you and appreciate them? Does he support your decisions? If the answer to everything is no or a meh, then maybe you should look for someone else; someone who doesn’t criticise your choices and supports your decisions.

7. It’s Okay to be a Drama Queen (Sometimes)

Most women are emotional. Sometimes, they just need a good long cry to let the emotional stress out. And that’s okay. Your man should let you have your happy moments as well as your down moments. If he genuinely cares, you’re still going to be his queen, even if sometimes you’re his Drama Queen.

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8. Conceal, Don’t Feel.

First of all, you’re not Elsa. If your partner is the controlling type who wants everything to operate according to his mood or wishes, including your emotions, then you have to let him go. Seriously, that’s not acceptable behaviour.