He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not: 16 Ways to find


9. Kiss and Make Up

It’s okay to fight and argue. It’s a natural part of a relationship. You should be worried if you’re not fighting. But constant fighting and letting you stay upset for a whole day or two or more is a different story. If he tries his best to make up with you at the end of the day, then make sure to appreciate his effort.

10. He Brings Out the Beast in You

While we already said that fighting is a part of a healthy relationship, your partner should not deliberately spark your anger or provoke your B mode. Studies show that being constantly angry is dangerous for your health. If your partner pushes the wrong buttons every time and keeps testing you, then dump him.

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11. Only the Best for the Best

Whether or not he calls your princess, he should always make you feel like one. And he doesn’t need to buy you a castle or a throne to make you feel like you’re special. Giving you his best means buying out the time for you to be there when he needs you, putting effort into making you happy, either by material things like your favourite meal or other stuff like taking care of you. You’ll know he’s Prince Charming if the best thing he gives you is himself.

12. The Selfish Shellfish

Self-love is good. It’s important to treat yourself right, because you deserve the best things. But boy, being selfish is another side of the coin. It is not okay. Selfishness in a relationship is never good. If you always take, sooner or later, the other one’s going to run out of things to give. Does he put you first or he only consider his side of things or just goes with what he wants? Woman, that’s too toxic. Get out of there!