He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not: 16 Ways to find


13. Keeping the Dream Alive

A man should never hold his woman back from chasing her dreams. Instead, he should be her number one supporter and fan. And girls, always value and thank your boyfriend for having your back and encouraging you to keep trying.

14. The Difference of Indifference

So you just literally spent like, ten minutes talking about your dream career and what you want you to do in the future. Maybe you just landed on a promotion or got a raise. But what does your man do? He just nods and continues to watch tv. Some boyfriend he is. Obviously, if he shows no interest and support whatsoever in the things you’re passionate about or what you want to do in life, then you’ve got to leave him.

15. Easy Breezy and a Little Cheesy

He sees that you need a little rest after a long day. You need a little help with the chores, editing your work or opinions on stuff. If he tries to help you whenever he can, you know that he’s a keeper.

16. Ignorance is Bliss (Not in this case)

He doesn’t know the things you like, nor the things that make you happy, or the things you need. Seriously? Why are you with him? The least he can do is show a little interest in you and all the things that make you. If not, then say bye-bye, sister!