He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not: 16 Ways to find


Signs of true love-In every relationship, it’s true that actions speak louder than words. Every smile your way, every quick text, every squeeze of your hand– they all mean something.

However, figuring out the real meaning of your partner’s actions can be very tricky, mainly because most guys are reserved and aren’t too vocal about their feelings.

For the most part, observing what a man does and what it means can seem like a terrible shell to crack.

But that’s why we’re here! The secret to reading between the lines is also like a map that will guide to where your relationship is going. Whether it’s paradise or the edge of a cliff, here are 16 ways to find out which!

Signs of true love

1. Your Everyday Superman

16 signs of true love

He doesn’t need to have a shield like Captain America or superpowers like Superman to be able to protect you. A guy does what seem like little things to keep you safe–giving you his coat when it’s cold, driving you to places, making sure you get home safely. These may be the usual things you see him doing, but they should also tell you how much he loves you and cares for your wellbeing. He wants to make sure you’re comfortable and safe.

2. Jeez, Another Fight?

Oh, here we go. The lousy fights, the arguments over petty things, the yelling treatment, the silent treatment; does it go on and on? Guys don’t usually like to argue or pick up fights, especially about small things like leaving the toilet open or not fixing the bed. So when he keeps provoking you into fighting with him, then maybe it’s time to give it a break.

3.  He Leaves You Alone (In a Good Way)

Nagging is a big no-no in a relationship. You may think it’s because your boyfriend just cares, or he’s just overprotective, but a healthy relationship allows for each other’s personal time and space. He should, in turn, respect yours and trust you. He should let you grow as a person and should encourage it. If he does all that, let him know you appreciate it.

4. Oh no! Did he Forget About You Again? (Yikes!)

Come on, girl! If he keeps ditching you every time for a night out with his friends, then no, he’s not the one. He promised you this, he promised you that, but he never keeps his word. He may have plans for the future, but if he continues to neglect you, how are you sure that his plans include you?