17 Most Outrageous Nail Designs That Never Should Have Happened


Most unique nail designs-The internet is full of blessings and banes, and more often than not we come across things which makes us cringe and question the existence of intellect. The base of the fashion industry is extravagance and eccentricity, however, the extent of this nonconformity, many a time turns into something cringe-worthy much to the dismay. Nail art in its evolution has seen its fair share of nauseatic moments, be it pimples or moustaches or bugs, the enthusiasts have tried their hands at everything, literally!

Most unique nail designs

17. Alien Nails

17 most unique nail designs

Fingers over fingers and that too of aliens?! I’ll give that a pass, thank you!

16. Aquarium Nails

This is taking the love of the oceans a bit far, a bit too far for that matter!

15. Bubble Nails

These bubbles need no popping for sure. Moreover, their hoof-like appearances are sure to appal you!

14. Moustache Nails

These wacky nails need not be trimmed but definitely in need of a clean shave!

13. Duck-feet Nails

I’ll give you a minute, just imagine using your smartphone with this. This is a ‘quack’ idea for sure!

12. Bug Nails

This is The Bear Grylls approved nails! So unless you’re planning to audition for Man Vs. Wild this is NOT a suggestible trend.

11. Pierced Nails

This is non-functionality 101, straight off the books!

10. Candy Crush Nails

This will effectively express your love for Candy Crush all the while questioning your sanity! But hey, anything for fashion, right?

9. Extra Nails

You can be all the extra that you want but spare your nails the torture and the torment.

P.S This is a boon for all you voracious nail-biters though!

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8. Fuzzy Nails.

This does not give any fuzzy vibe or any vibe for that matter!

7. Snow-Globe Nails

Something straight out of Santa’s nightmare, so unless you want to be on the naughty list…

4. Spiral Nails

This is all the excuse you would need for your laziness, trust me on that!

5. Teeth Nails

Rest assured, your dentist will be happy that your cavity isn’t hard to find anymore!

4. Succulent nails

For your information, you are not helping or contributing to the environment in any way!

3. Pimple Nails

Major gross alert! This will surely send your crush running for the hills.

2. The gun nails

You might just be NRA’s favourite poster child. Ahem Ahem!

1. Cereal Nails

Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but this is too much even for championing the cause!