How to Protect Your Health During Holiday Season Feasts: 3 Simple Tips

Hands holding an healthy fresh vegetarian salad in a bowl, fresh raw vegetables on background, top view

How top protect your health during holiday? Holiday feasts are fantastic, but they are also the reason for holiday weight gain. It may take you up to five months to lose the pounds ‘collected’ during the festive season (The New England Journal of Medicine). And if you aren’t actively working on this, you might not be able to lose the excess fat at all. Considering the alarming data about the epidemic of obesity from WHO, this is a major health concern for everyone. Over 1.9 billion adults and nearly 350 million kids are obese or overweight. This means they are at risk of developing dangerous health problems.

So that delicious pie, turkey, stuffing, and half a dozen other dishes on your table are actual threats you have to prepare for. The ‘it’s only one special day meal’ excuse doesn’t cut it, because data shows that weight gain from that is nearly inevitable.

3 best ways to protect your health during holiday

     1. Prepare a feast of weight loss friendly foods

3 Best ways to protect your health during holiday

While some traditional meals are rather fattening, you do have the power to make your menu more weight loss oriented. Serve a green salad with light dressing, fish instead of steak, bell peppers stuffed with herbs and cottage cheese, brown rice instead of mashed potatoes.

You can easily find many healthy and low-calorie recipes for any holiday online. To design the best menu, you should start by researching what to eat to lose weight fast. Once you know that, you’ll know which ingredients to focus on when looking for recipes. If nothing seems quite right, try to alter traditional recipes by adding more healthful ingredients.

You can also make small but significant changes, like using coconut oil for cooking and olive oil for seasoning. These small tricks will help make your meals healthier even if you don’t change the ingredients much.

       2. Stick to your regular eating schedule

Time your feasts to fit your everyday meal schedule. This will reduce the stress on your body and ensure you process food more efficiently.

It’s very important not to skip any meals to ‘make room for the feast’. This will only encourage you to overeat. Not only will this make you gain weight. But you also run a risk of digestive problems, cramps, and diarrhea. Those are hardly the things you want to experience during the holiday season.

       3. Small but many

If you want to enjoy or protect your health during holiday feast to the fullest with minimal weight gain, you’ll need to control your portion sizes. It’s so easy to overeat during holidays because everything looks and smells so delicious. But you can overcome the temptation by letting yourself eat some of everything.

This is where rigid control comes in as you have to keep your portion sizes small. Go for variety instead of quantity and you’ll be able to enjoy the feast more. Eating a small bit of everything will also prolong your night. Don’t load your plate too much and don’t rush to finish your meal. Instead, savor every piece you take. Slow eating helps you feel full earlier, so you won’t be so hungry to eat more of every delicious dish.