4 Coolest Puff Hairstyles Step By Step Tutorial


Puff Hairstyles-Every day new hairstyles are something that every woman wants but it seems impossible to get new hairstyles every day because of lack of time. Moreover, puffs have always been in trend and look like is still in the race but the improper method of making puffs could be a demerit for any woman. Here are some of the puffy hairstyles that are explained briefly and would add some cuteness and as well to your daily look.

4 Coolest Puff Hairstyles

For this type of hairstyle, you will need medium size hair.

Puff Hairstyles



  • The first thing that you have to do is do the partition of your hair and part them in such a way that you can make puff on the desired place.
  • After partition uses puff bun for the perfect pun and secures it with few bobby pins.
  • For more elegant look you can also blow dry your hair than do not take part in a puff and are hanging around shoulders.
  • If you want your hairstyle to stay for a longer period of time then you must use some hairspray on your hair to settle them down.

For this puff hairstyle, you will need a large hair bun

Puff Hairstyles

  • For this hairstyle it is must have long hair and this puff is made on little bit upper and mid portion of your hair.
  • Just do the partition from little bit front and mid portion and then use puff bun for the perfect shape of the puff and secure it with few bobby pins.
  • You can also curl up the rest of your hair by using a curling iron.
  • And do not forget to give the front hair portion the proper look.

This puff hairstyle is a little messy and looks very natural

  • This particular hairstyle is one of the most natural looking hairstyles and also you do not have to put much extra effort for this hairstyle.
  • Just do the partition and take the front short hair on both sides.
  • Now take the middle portion and turn it into a little bit lower puff and do not use puff bun as only then it will look more natural.
  • After making the puff secure it with few bobby pins and keep rest of the hair open and there you go, you are ready for the day.

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