Dating trends on social media-The Internet has not only brought us closer but also have become somewhat a strange place to find a special someone. There are too many dating apps and social media platforms where you can start dating with just a click.

This unusual and sometimes dangerous place creates problems for the teenagers who are quite involved in these platforms. In this day and age, you might have heard about many friends who met the love of their life on the Internet. However, you might have heard just as many, if not more, cases of weird patterns in online dating. The blur and the thin line between virtual and reality make a big difference because behind that fake username you never know who is lurking.

We have here decided to present you with these weird patterns in online dating and would like you to stay safe and alert from your side to dodge the dubiousness that these sites have to offer.

Dating Trends On Social Media That Will Make You Wonder.


Dating Trends On Social Media That Will Freak You Out

Ghosting takes place when you go on one or two dates, or maybe you just talk to this person and feel that this could become into something serious and only then your friend decides to ignore your calls and messages.

He/she disappears from your life as that person has never existed. The situation will be clear if they tell you clearly that they do not want to meet up anymore, but dodging calls and messages will leave you puzzled and honestly it is not acceptable.

In such cases, specialists recommend adopting a practical approach.

  • The first step is obviously to not blame yourself for someone else’s mistakes.
  • Secondly, you should not wait for an eternity for the ghost to call you back or message you after a long time. Would you even want to go out with someone who did not contact you for such a long time and then tries to jump back right into your life and behave that nothing has happened?

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Dating Trends On Social Media That Will Freak You Out

This is the sweeter form of the above pill but believe me, its effects are twice as harsh. In this pattern, you fall deep into the trap of your potential partner who makes you believe that you are the only one in the world with whom he/she wants to spend their entire life and in no while leave you with these hollow and meaningless statements.  Complements and sweet things are always melodies to the ear, and these people will just use these melodies to trap you and then leave and go on with their lives.

What do to in such situations?

  • Stop imagining a whole another life with a person whom you have known for just two days. Being too emotionally involved after a short time will not lead you in the right direction.
  • Do not always put too much faith in someone whom you have met online and known for just a short time.


Sometimes these ghosts and monsters come back into our lives. They will even have the nerve to leave some comments under your pictures and share individual posts. Your private messages with this person will tell you another story. They still keep ignoring you privately.

This activity has got the name orbiting in which a person is not contacted privately but is just kept in sight. Experts say that these orbiters are just enjoying messing with you and there is absolutely no romantic context to what they do.

What to do?

  • Without giving it a second thought block this person as this someone who doesn’t deserve a second of your life.


If your mind straight away went to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, then you are absolutely at the right place. The plot shows Gatsby arranging huge, pompous parties in the hope that one day or the other the woman he loved would visit one of these grand parties. This is what some social media followers are doing.

They post some stories photos or statuses to attract the attention of a particular person. The post can vary from being provocative, frank to simply in the frame of interest of their potential partner.

This is an odd method of communicating as the person for whom the posts are meant may never find them.

What should be done?

  • In my opinion, you should just take the initiative, quit playing games and confess your feelings in more obvious ways.


The idea of this type of communication revolves around the phrase, ” a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, except the exact opposite of the phrase is believed to be true. Such a person will keep the relationship devoid of much emotions and expectation. They will often delay dates as they always hope that there are better options out there. They will respond to your texts with short messages, and their conversations will not imply any future development.

What to do?

  • Do not wait for such a person as life is too short for waiting for the wrong one.


Breadcrumbing implies that a person after a communication or even a date will not reject the other one but will disappear for a short period and come back just to show that they are still interested. They will just create the illusion of being interested with time to time messages that may contain, compliments, flirts or hints.

The harsh reality of this person is that he/she is just keeping you as an extra option for different situations.

What to do?

  • Do not try to see more unless words are supported by actions and actual care and respect.


Stashing implies to a situation when a partner hides the other one from their friends and relatives. This can occur even with couples who have stayed in a long-term relationship. Stashing someone you’ve met online is not that unusual as it becomes difficult for such a couple to be a couple in real life.

What to do?

  • You need to ask your partner about the reasons for this behaviour as this cannot be accepted in a serious, developing relationship.

Have you encountered any of these communication methods? It is not about the terminology but about being aware of such vicious trends and avoiding such persons from our lives.