Social media nowadays are filled with food content that makes your mouth water and makes you eager to eat the foods that they show on those “mukbang” videos. With its rise in popularity, Korean cuisine is not just the one that got the spotlight; even the materials and equipment used to cook Korean foods are also on the rise in the market. While there is always the option of swinging by a Korean restaurant or having those scrumptious foods be delivered at your convenience, nothing beats the experience of cooking it by your own hands.

So, in this article, we will be naming some of the Korean cooking gadget must-haves that you can add to your kitchen.

Barbeque Grill

Who doesn’t love barbeque? If you have been to a Korean restaurant, then you must have seen those built-in grills on the dining tables. The good thing is that they have an electric model, which is very convenient to bring anywhere so you can cook on a Korean BBQ grill those marinated beef strips and pork rinds that you love. One of the delights in using this equipment is that you get to cook and eat at the same time without the hassle of fanning coals, unlike the traditional barbeque cook-out.

Dolsot or Stone Pot

This stone cooking bowl not only adds to the aesthetics of table presentation but is also multipurpose. Aside from slow-cooking stew or soup, as it is earthenware, it preserves the food’s warmth much longer, so you do not have to reheat your food. This is often used for cooking Bibimbap, a traditional Korean dish made of mixed rice, vegetables, and meat.

Kimchi fridge 

You might be wondering why the need for a separate fridge when you can just put your kimchi in together with the other goods. This is because the fermentation of kimchi can be potent, which may not sit with most people. Also, its smell can cling to the plastic wraps of those burritos you put away together. Or, it can also affect the taste of other dairy products inside your fridge. Well, you would not want your other foods to be smelling or taste like kimchi.

Sushi Mat

 Well, this woven mat of bamboo is not just for your sushi because this can also be used to create a perfect roll of kimbap, a Korean dish made up of rice, meat, or fish, and vegetables rolled in sheets of seaweed. They can also be used to shape other foods such as omelets, and you can also use this to squeeze excess liquid out of some food.

Kimchi container

If you do not want to put additional money into having a kimchi fridge, or you just do not have the space for it, then this item is perfect for you. This container allows the fermentation process to continue without releasing any of its funky smell because it was built with a double lid and vacuum-sealed lid.

In summary, even if you are a big fan or beginning to explore Korean cuisine, the cooking gadgets mentioned could also be your culinary asset, and who knows, maybe you could also do a mukbang show of your own one these days.