Hi girls!

Our hair is our best asset. We often dream of having voluminous and thick hair. Afterall, they look highly presentable! Whenever we leave our house, we want our hair to look the best and nothing less than that! But, it is not necessary to style your hair everytime you leave your house, updos work well too.Updos are one of those hairstyles which make women look more mature and elegant.You can make that out from the fact that updos are the most common form of hairstyle which celebrities love to carry for a red carpet look! Although there are various hairstyles to try, an updo bun is absolutely gorgeous. They just look classy, hot and elegant. They can be paired with any outfit. Buns are also the best way to keep hair away from your face. They also keep your hair looking fresh as they do not come in contact with the sweaty neck. It is the perfect hairstyle for summers!

Read on to find out the different bun and up -do hairstyles which you can try out for yourselves!

1. Beach Curls Bun

This is a messier looking bun which the easiest and hottest. This bun will require not much time that is only 5 minutes. You just need to take all your hair and secure it with a rubber band. You may loosen your bun a little bit for a messier look. And if you have curly hair, then it is a cherry on the top!

2. Messy Bun with Side Part

Look how gorgeous this messy bun with side partition looks on Jennifer Lawrence!! You can very well rock this look that she rocked! Just part your hair sideways and create a bun at with all your hair at one side.This is a messy bun will look more stunning with a few loose tresses framing your face. Secure your entire look with bobby pins.This low pinned style is best suited for layered hair because it shows off the texture in a relaxed and naturally elegant way.

3. Low Wavy bun.

This hairstyle is particularly suitable for girls with long hair. It is a sophisticated hairstyle which would look best on naturally wavy hair. However, if you don’t have naturally wavy hair, you may also use some heat treatment to get those gorgeous waves of your may even skip this part. But The lovely waves will only provide your bun a lift. This updo is suitable for weddings. You may even add some small accessories such as white flowers (as shown in the picture above) for a cuter look!

4. Fancy Top knot

This can be your go-to look. You can rock it on a day to day basis where you wish to look more on the casual side.Flaunt your flawless face with this chic style, paired with a bright red lipstick for a flirty twist. This is however not preferable for girls with a broad forehead, as that will make their face even broader!

5. Bun with Bangs

This one is for the girls with a broad forehead. You can rock your top knot with bangs! Bangs are very chic, and they never go out of fashion! Teaming up a bun with bangs helps to frame the face well. Bun with bangs is suitable for girls with oval or round shaped face. Bangs will make your face look shorter and in proper shape.

6. Bun Updo with Side Bangs

Taking the above hairstyle further, you can also carry your bun with side bangs.This beautiful and elegant hairstyle that adds a little bit of lift and volume with a soft swooping bang. If you have long layered hair, go ahead and rock this hairstyle. You’ll look very formal and elegant.

7. Fishtail Bun

Who said that fishtails were only braids?? Fishtail braids can even be converted into a bun! And Braided buns are definitely the best. It is the perfect option for family functions. To get this look, give a new spin to the bun by sporting a fishtail braid and securing it high like a bun.You may even add some sparkly accessories for a classic yet glamorous look.

8. Criss Cross Bun

This is a low dropping bun which is similar to the causal type of bun which you often wear. To attain this look, Take two thick strands of hair from both the sides and criss cross it above the bun. This hairstyle will look the best if you have highlighted hair.

9. Loose and Messy Nape Knot

This is more of a carefree hairstyle with an intricate knot at the nape that makes it classy! Rachel Melvin carried this hairstyle brilliantly. Face framing bangs go perfectly well with this casual updo. You may even curl up your bangs a little bit.

10. Bun with a Side Part

This sleek style features a crisp and extreme side partition.Some loose hair here and there will add to the class and elegance of this look.

11. Rolled Bun

The low rolled bun is not only simple but also appropriate for literally every occasion. This hairstyle works well for both straight and curly hair.You can rock it on a casual beach day or at a formal gala. One pro tip is to use your Fingers as a comb instead of using an actual comb to achieve that wonderful messy bun look. Hard to believe, but it is neat and messy at the same time!

12. Braided side bun

This is suitable only for formal occasions like wedding ceremonies. To start off, Smooth out the top with a brush and a spray. Then braid your hair and pin it in the form of a bun at the side for a natural and elegant look. For a fancier look, add some sparkly accessories.