How you dress is essential to how you showcase yourself to the world. Style is ever-evolving, and making the right choices enables your look to speak for itself. There are various style icons whose options you can add to your closet. You can regularly take a look at their photos, and you are sure to learn a thing or two about style. Below are some simple ways that will make your style stand out among the rest:

1. Jewelry

Add a special touch of color to your outfit by rocking a piece of jewelry. It may sound like women’s stuff only, but men also have some of their accessories in this category. They vary from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, toe rings, cufflinks, belly chains, hairpins, nose rings, and many more.

A woman wearing a black and white outfit at times may appear dull. You can add a little bit of sparkle and color to this look with a statement necklace or a colorful bracelet. Young women with an office job or climbing up their career ladder need always to look outstandingly elegant. During weekdays, dress up in a formal outfit and finish the look with a thin chain with a gemstone or a single bangle.

On the weekend, when going out or shopping with the girls, a stack of bangles will help you add a crispy look to your jeans. Men are a bit limited to the jewelry that can add an eccentric finish to their outfit. Shirts are common with men, and nothing enhances your appearance than the right cufflink for the right event.

2. Dress Shoes

The first thing people look at when they meet you is your shoe. I can admit that even I look at strangers’ feet to see what they are wearing. Classic dress shoes will always blend in well with a suit. They show the world your personality and lifestyle.

Your closet should have a simple yet stylish dress shoe you can wear to that cocktail party you have been invited to, or when you are taking that girl, you like out on a dinner date. Blue dress shoes are suitable for formal wear. Before you get yourself a blue pair, invest in a few black and brown pairs.

Some of the best and most affordable dress shoes you will find are from Samuel Windsor. They cost anything between $70 and $200. It is not much for the quality and sheer elegance they bring you. Wolverine is another brand well-known for producing some of the best dress shoes. Women can go for a Cuban heel boot from Giorgio Brutini Calloway to complete that cocktail attire in your closet.

3. Watches

Watches are among the best accessories that will give you a classy, finished look. Very few people below 50 years wear them. Some advice to young guys, wearing a watch in your workplace makes you look more professional.

The millennial generation has a bad reputation of always being on their phones. At work, checking the time on your watch makes you appear more confident. Watches are available in different shapes, sizes, and lots of strap options to complete the specific look you want.

Dress watches say a lot about you. You can add a sheer of elegance on your wrist with an Omega watch and stun people at a party, business meeting, or a date. A good example is the Omega Speedymoon that was unveiled in 1986.

It is a kind of watch that gains you respect and, of course, some ladies who know that a man’s watch represents his class. Not only do watches tell time, but they also allow you to express yourself. You should also ask yourself this, what if your phone unexpectedly runs out of battery?

4. Dresses

These have been there for hundreds of years. A lot of women wear dresses, but how and when you wear them are two crucial factors to consider. You may get an invitation to a formal affair that spells out the mode of dressing as ‘cocktail’ or ‘black tie,’ and you have no idea what to wear individually.

Cocktail dresses are versatile and stylish for any formal affair. A knee-length dress just above the knee will make you elegant and stylish when attending such an occasion. It is also vital to ensure you feel confident and comfortable in whatever you choose to wear, which will make you feel good.

Cocktail dresses vary from sleeveless, sleeves, one-shoulder or strapless. Generally, dresses are available for any look you want and any occasion. There are dresses you can wear to a night out with the girls, a flirty fit for a date out, or a killer official looks to the office.

5. Berets

Spice up your hat game with one of the hottest trending styles around. The French beret has its roots in Paris. It has gained a lot of love from celebrities such as Rihanna, Faye Dunaway, and Insta influencers who have also taken a liking into this style.

A French beret can blend in with a variety of casual basics such as jeans, summer dresses, and a floral blouse, among others. It is perfect for a brunch, a weekend tour, or a coffee date. Military and knitted berets are equally gaining some fame as they are both stylish and comfortable. Military berets are more suited to pairing with classic pieces.

Whether your hair is curly or you have straight strands, the military beret pairs perfectly with all hairstyles. A knitted beret can be both functional and fashionable. It is warm during the winter and, at the same time, gives you a more casual vibe. A beret will make you feel warm and cozy, and at the same time, gives your outfit a more casual look.

Wrapping up

I have compiled a bit of the best improvements to your style. Some of them are mainly just small touches that will add a simple finish your outfit may be missing. Give some of them a shot, and they entirely become a part of your life.