Feeling confident is the key to almost everything in life. You will feel a lot better in your skin if you can walk with your head held up high, and with a wide smile on your face. Women of all ages will have a lot more successful love life (as well as social & business life) if they approach it the right, cheerful & positive, way. However, plus size women sometimes have some difficulties in approaching others with the right amount of confidence. This shouldn’t be a problem, no matter how much you weight, how you look, or even what your sex is: you should feel amazing 24/7! If you want to boost your confidence level, here is how you can do it.

Top 7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence Level If You Are A Plus Size Woman

1. Representation

One study done in the U.S. has shown that almost 90% of women felt discluded and not represented the right way on social media. Plenty of them felt like their size was not noticeable or popular on many clothing sites, which makes the whole experience of shopping online or in-store impossible. If you wish to change this what you can do is post as often as possible to your social media accounts. Spread the word, positivity, and amazing pictures by embracing your body type, and by showing up on everyone’s front page! It all has to start somewhere, right?


2. Skip The Trends

Following some certain trends can be hard & demanding, but let’s not forget that often it can be a big no-no for some of us and our body types. If something looks good on a size 0 model and it is trending, it does not necessarily mean that it is going to look good on others. In your case, you should ditch the trends if they are not enhancing your best features (legs, boobs, bottoms), but they are attention-seeking to your belly or your arms. Create your trend and enjoy your clothing items. Sometimes, self-expression is the best trend to follow.

3. High-Quality Underwear & Bras

If you have the right undergarment, you can conquer the world! The right matching set of bra & panties will make you feel like a VS model, and you will rule the world, no matter where you go to! Undergarment can change our posture, give us all the confidence in the world, and will even save you from being shy when taking your clothes off at the mall, locker room, or your yoga classes! Also, let’s not forget to mention the fact that it will hide away any sagginess, unwanted tummy extras, and will make your cleavage pop! Make sure you get your body measured so you can end up with the right size every time.


4. Wear Heels

Although you may not like them because they are not the best choice for everyday wear, high heels are ideal for plus size women. They are also a great choice if you are on a shorter spectrum. Heels will help you stand up straight, will give you some additional dimension, and will let you see the world from the above, literally! Once you put them on they will boost your confidence level, and you should wear them during any weather season.

5. Take Your Time 

Always make sure you have just the right amount of time to get ready. If your makeup routine usually takes you 20 minutes also make sure you have an additional 10 to dress up fabulously and don’t forget to take a bunch of selfies. Wrap up your makeup look by applying your favorite and bold lipstick, and don’t forget to seal the deal with some high-end perfume. These little tricks and items can be so effective for everyone.


6. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Never compare yourself to others because every person is different. Someone’s body shape may be completely different from yours, but also so can their metabolism, the way of lifestyle, as well as their health condition. Try to focus only on you, and what your body needs, loves, and looks good in. Other people may have completely different goals in life, as well as priorities; but in the end, no one is better or worse, we are all the same no matter what we eat, or what we dress up.

7. Stay Comfortable

Lastly, the best advice is to stay comfy-always. No matter where you are headed, you should feel comfortable. Some women love to wear hoodies, which is fine, because they can also be feminine & confidence boosting, as long as you pair them up with the right pair of skinny jeans and some cute platform boots! You can wear a casual furry coat and jazz up the look with some giant hoop earrings and a fluffy turtleneck. Mix and match it till you are left with your ultimate go-to combo – casual, comfortable, and filled with confidence!