5G Technology in Online Video Games

Online gambling keeps gaining an increasing number of fans and is present all over the world. This is a convenient and easy way to spend time gambling on Quick Hits slot machine and exciting devices without visiting land-based establishments. Complete anonymity, mobility, and fast payment transactions become a decisive factor in favor of online casinos.

Since smartphones have become more and more technological and powerful, and today people lead active lifestyles, playing from phones and tablets has become even more convenient than sitting for hours in front of a computer. Wherever you are – in a trip, queue, transport, waiting for a flight – there is always the possibility to launch online slot games, subject to the mobile Internet connection availability.

Since 2019, users have faced 5G, a new global network technology that can have a significant influence not only on gambling but also on many other areas of the gaming industry.

What 5G is about and how it works

Mobile phones are no longer just devices for making calls and texting. Contemporary users visit numerous websites, platforms, watch videos, enjoy entertainment, record videos, do business, and etc. 2G and 3G networks that were developed earlier have long been out of use in the developed countries, and when they were replaced by the fourth generation – it was a real breakthrough.

However, technology evolves. Downloading new applications, games, and web pages requires more traffic, and, accordingly, a bigger network capacity.

Millions of users in 38 countries of the world have already got access to high-speed 5G data transmission, and by the end of 2026 their number will grow to three billion – such data was published on Statista, the authoritative statistics platform. So what exactly is 5G about? The Fifth Generation is a new technological solution for the mobile Internet, which will exceed the previous analog by several dozen times. Even today, tests show record rates of up to 15 Gb/s. In addition, depending on the transmission environment, the signal latency is reduced to 1 millisecond versus 10 in the previous generation. Furthermore, the 5G network consumes less power, which means that smartphones and tablets will operate longer consuming the battery power.

What advantages does 5G provides for gamblers

Visitors to online casinos who use 4G to launch the platform sometimes feel a kind of discomfort and experience freezes of processes, which may be caused by the load on the website or failures in signal reception. The new connection type can easily solve this problem for two reasons:

  1. Most users will switch to a faster connection taking the load off 4G networks. It’s like having several thousand users in one place but using a different type of communication. Then the load will be distributed evenly providing comfortable gambling to all participants.
  2. By connecting to the higher speed of the 5G network, gamblers are on the safe side and will avoid crashes and lags. They can confidently place bets, spin the reels, and count on winning the tournaments by showing continuous activity. For example, you won a substantial amount on a slot machine, but suddenly there was a network interruption and the casino did not count your victory. With 5G, such cases are almost impossible.
  3. More complex graphics can run easily. Every year, video technology becomes more complex, requiring higher speed and quality of the Internet. New slot games with 3D animation will run smoothly, launch faster when using the new network option.

But that is not all the benefits that bettors receive. Fast communication provides a high processing speed of financial transactions, which means that payments and crediting of winnings will be performed faster, thus improving trust in the website and motivating bettors to continue gambling.

How online casinos benefit from 5G

The developers of gambling virtual portals take into account the technical capabilities of mobile devices and the Internet; therefore, they adapt casino versions to them for comfortable gambling. In some cases, playing the desktop version, the user can get more functionality, better picture quality, etc.

Despite the fact that mobile applications look very decent and meet the requirements of gamblers, operators can provide their customers with better software through a better connection.

How online casinos benefit from 5G

What does it mean? Every visitor of an online gambling establishment who logs in from a mobile gadget will receive content similar to the desktop format, the same functions, and the graphics of slots. This approach can increase the number of visitors, and therefore profit.

This also applies to live broadcasts, which were available only on a computer due to the high requirements for the quality of the network. But soon everyone will be able to take part in live broadcasts, playing Blackjack, roulette, or poker. This is a great chance to feel the real casino atmosphere from anywhere in the world.

A high-speed connection can affect the progress and development of the gambling industry, and directly the graphics component. For example, using 5G, you can create VR slots and provide players a second reality. This will be a revolution in the gambling industry and soon it will be possible.


Despite the fact that 5G is only gaining momentum and passing important stages of testing around the world, there is a great future for this technology in many activity areas. The entertainment industry, which includes online gambling, is no exception.

These are big changes in the service that bring benefits to both players and gambling platform owners. Virtual entertainment will reach a new level, new technologies will be introduced where the gambler will receive the most realistic effect of presence. And the casino will have more clients and investments.

Many developers of online slots have already started thinking over a strategy and technical tools for integration into a new environment. All we can do is wait for all those innovations and take part in their perfection.