6 Awesome Tips and Tricks to Make Your Eyeliner Stay Longer



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Shops are flooded with great makeup products but still eyeliners give up even before the day ends, they battle oily eyelids. So, if this happens to you as well, then join the club. Here are some excellent tips and tricks you can use to make your eyeliner last longer.

6 Tricks to Make Your Eyeliner Stay Longer

Prep your eyelids

Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Choosing the best eyeliner is not enough, a primer is very important to make sure that the eyeliner stays on. Pair your eyes up with a good primer and some translucent powder, this will make the eyeliner go smoothly over your eyes and make it last longer as well. Apply your eye primer and then dust it with some translucent powder, this will control the excess of oil making your eyeliner last longer without fading away. Also, make sure that you put on a good concealer on the area under your eyes to avoid smudging.

Keep blotting sheets handy

oil blotting sheets

If you don’t have oily eyelids still then you should make sure that you keep oil blotting sheets with you in handy, for humid seasons. When you’re feeling a little sweaty, pop them out and gently dab them over your eyelids to make sure that the skin stays oil-free and matte.

Layer your eyeliners

vibrant eye makeup

To make sure that your eyeliner lasts all day, layer your eyeliner. You can get some matte pencils, which are as important as those perfect liquid liners. To prevent any kind of smudging, put on your eyeliner with a matte pencil and then apply your regular gel eyeliner or pencil over it. This method of layering and blending can do wonders, as it makes your eyeliner last much longer and it makes a great companion to any eyeshadow.

Choose your mascara wisely

Choosing a good mascara is very important, as it can affect the lifespan of your eyeliner on your eyes. Like, if you’re using a non-waterproof, non-long lasting mascara, then it is bound to smudge and affect the rest of your look. No worries though, all you have to do is find a proper smudge-proof and waterproof mascara.

Grab a white eyeliner

white eyeliner

A white eyeliner can add some zing to your eye look, along with that it helps to make your eyeliner last longer. You can use the white eyeliner as a perfect base for your usual eyeliner, this, in turn, helps to trace the shape you want to make and brings out your eyeliner. If you want a fun look, then you can try to use it around your eyeliner, which makes your lines sharper and more defined.

Change the temperature of your eyeliners

The first step is to choose a good long-lasting eyeliner that you can trust. Before you buy any product, make sure you read through reviews and comments to make an informed decision. Also, eyeliners matter a lot according to seasons. You can freeze your eyeliner for about 10 minutes in case it’s not giving the effect you want, this works well in summer. And if you have a gel liner that has turned stiff, you can warm it up for just 10 seconds to get back its effect before you start applying it.