10 eyeliner styles to glam up your boring look!!


Hello Beautiful girls,

I hope that you all are doing well. We girls always tend to fall for eyeliners. Don’t we? However, the same old eyeliner style can get a bit boring after a while. So it becomes mandatory for us to glam things up. You might be wondering where will you gather the inspiration to do that? Don’t worry! We shall give you all the information that you need to know. You don’t have to look anywhere else for further information as this will be your complete guide to the various eyeliner styles which you can try for yourselves.

⦁ Panda style eyeliner

Smudgy eyeliner is not everyone’s cup of tea. We often tend to make fun of eye makeup that is smudgy, forgetting that it is done on purpose. Unless you know the right way of getting those panda eyes, people are sure to make fun of you as well. Panda eyes are actually the latest trend. It involves having a thick smudged eyeliner covering the entire outline of your eye in a thick, shaded manner for a softer look. This is both soft and bold at the same time. It is also the first choice of supermodels making it the current runway favorite.

⦁ Soft smokey eyeliner

Smokey eyes are and will always be in fashion. But a harsh smokey eye look is a big no-no if you can’t pull it off correctly.So, instead go for a soft, smoked out look. As shown in the picture, This eyeliner look consists of a soft, thick upper line that joins the one below. Remember that the lower lash outline is starting from the middle of the lower eyelid. This is the number one choice for parties.

⦁ Dramatic eyeliner

This is a bolder look with more added drama. It is suitable for special occasions because it will make all the heads turn towards you. To attain this look, you have to make the upper outline thicker and such that at the corner of the eyes it splits into two long queues. The bottom line is on the waterline and is joined to the upper lashline. This is suitable for small eyes as this will make them look prolonged!

⦁ Open wings eyeliner

The classic double winged eyeliner takes your glamour quotient to the next level. So if you are bored of your day to day look, try out the double winged eyeliner look. This dramatic look will make your eyes do the talking. Open wings comprise of double line – one on the upper eyelid and the lower is prolonged beyond the end of the eye. This paves the way for two wings for added glamour.

⦁ Double mod eyeliner

If you want to experiment even more, then go ahead and try out this look.In this style, the upper line curves in an arc that goes from the outer corner of the eye to the line around the eyelid(see the picture above). Whereas, the bottom line goes from the middle part of the eyelid opening downwards to the end of the eye.

⦁ The Egyptian eyeliner

This is not suitable on a day-to-day basis. However, you may try out this look on special occasions like parties or get-togethers. This one’s inspired by the Egyptian beauties. You might be knowing that the Egyptian beauties had heavily lined eyes. Similarly, here also, the line on the lower eyelid ends curving upwards. The lower line is on both – the lash line and the waterline – and near the inner corner of the eye there is a downward curve as you can see in the picture above. A little hint of eyeshadow brightens up your look. This style works well with ethnic outfits.

⦁ Slept-in eyeliner

This is a very subtle and soft form of eyeliner style involving the slept in smudge eyeliner with a very soft eye lining technique that looks like you slept off in the previous night’s makeup. But don’t worry, it will still give you a clean and a fresh look. To get this look, Draw a well-defined line on the upper eyelid. However, on the middle part of the lower eyelid, make a softer and smudgy line that ends up joining up with the upper corners of the outer eye. Pair this look with a long black dress and you are ready to heat up the environment!

⦁ Arabic eyeliner

The Arabic eyeliner gets its inspiration from Jasmine who sported the long drawn eyes.If you wish to look like Princess Jasmine, go ahead and try this look. For this, the line on the upper eyelid starts a few millimeters away from the inner corner of the eye. It also ends up way after your eyelid and joins with the lower line on the waterline of your eyes.This gives you an elongated eye look. A hint of glittery eyeshadow can be teamed up with this look. Like the Egyptian look,  this look also works well with ethnic outfits.

⦁ Double flick eyeliner

Love experimenting with colors? Then try out this look!This style is similar to the winged eyeliner except for the fact that it adds that extra bit of oomph by channeling two wings in the end-one the regular one and another the colored one. Carefully draw a thick and neat line along the upper lash line winging it out. Use another color (here black in used) to draw on more wing. Here, you have endless possibilities of mixing and matching different color combinations.

⦁ Feline eyes

The feline eye is a trend that has made a comeback in the recent years. It is similar to the cat eye trend except for the fact that it elongates the eyes with the help of an eyeliner. To get this look, make a single line on the upper eyelid and thicken that line as you gradually move towards the outer corner and finally keep the tip pointy. This is a subtle look that works well with bold red lip color for that added punch!