6 Best Methods To Repair The Damaged And Bleached Hair


Repair the damaged hair-Well, all of us are worried about our hair. And we undergo using the number of expensive products to let them grow enough. According to the tests conducted in the year 2011, it was out that the technique of bleach is to increase the stains on our hair. And hence it also decomposes the melanin such that it is naturally. Swelling becomes the result, and it is the reason that why damaged and bleached hair looked voluminous. Also, if your hair will lack melanin, then they become colorless. The shade will change to red or yellow and is all according to the dye.

Here we are with the examples of the most effective ways so that you can repair the damaged hair. It can either by the professional dresser or even at your home.

Go and get the Keratin treatment.

6 Best ways to repair the damaged hair

The first and foremost solution to repair the damaged hair due to bleaching is the keratin treatment. The treatment is to add the keratin back to your hair. It is the best method you can choose, and professionalism will first add the serum to your hair. Then the professionalism will induce the keratin into the damaged hair locks with the help of an iron. The treatment of keratin can even last for at least one to two months. It depends on how you will wash your hair.

Use the protective techniques before you bleach your hair.

It is all because your hair will get damaged due to bleach. But with that, it does not mean you cannot go for bleaching once again. But the term and condition are to use the protective product to your hair before you bleach the hair. The best solution to avoid damage is to apply the protective product during some chemical treatment to your hair. First, you have to heat the protective solution and then mix it to the bleaching solution. Apply the mixture on your hair and later rinse off with water. Afterward, you can condition your hair.

Ask the hairdresser to apply the best shampoo product.

The technique is the same as the previous one. You can apply it only in the one stage of the bleaching process. You need to use the professional shampoo in the middle of the head only when your hair is wet and after the bleaching process. Ask your hairdresser to implement it for the first time, and then you can use the same for the next few days at your home. We even guarantee that the effect will last for many coming weeks.

Massage the scalp with the help of butter.

You might have the products at your home to use on your hair, but you might not realize them. The things can help you get rid of the damaged hair. The best product is butter. Apply it and then massage your hair with it for the next few minutes. Now try to cover your head with the help of a shower cap. Let the butter stay on your hair for the next thirty minutes. Rinse it off and then shampoo your hair which will give you instant shine.

Apply the mixture of shampoo and egg.

The egg whites are the terrific remedies for the treatment of your hair. The yolk of the egg is rich in proteins. It might be all because your hair lacks it. Eggs are to deeply moisturize your hair and bring a significant change from those dried ones. You may even mix the regular shampoo and the egg whites to apply on your hair. After two weeks, you will find a big difference in your hair.

Bananas to treat your hair.

Bananas are incredibly beneficial for your hair. It is because of fiber, vitamins, and the proteins present in the bananas that get transformed into the hair when you apply it. Your hair desperately needs them. For the preparation of the mixture, you need to mix bananas, honey, yogurt, and the castor oil. Apply the prepared mask to the roots and tips of your hair and then let it be still for the next thirty minutes. Later wash it with the help of shampoo you prefer.