The Lady Shares The Ways To Repair Damaged Hair


How to repair damaged hair? My hair does not grow after I had healthy and beautiful hair. My hair looks damaged. I tried a lot to repair my hair. I used many methods to grow my hair. At last, I got the solution.

Here we want to share the story of a girl how she repaired her hair, and we hope that her methods will help you all to get healthy hair.

You should take care of your hair every day and continuously. Haircare is not all about miracles.

There is no universal formula which can repair your hair within one week. There does not exist any secret about keeping your hair healthy for a lifetime.

The Lady Shares The Ways To Repair Damaged Hair

We usually see in ads that the lady in the ad tries to get long and healthy hair after spending a long time of five years. They use a lot of methods that are useless. Even then you can see the results she gets in the right-hand side picture.

There are a lot of things which depend on the thickness of your hair. We can say that everything depends upon the genes. You can also get the best results within 3-4 months for any hair.

Your hair will not grow faster with everyday hair care

The care and growth of your hair do not depend on each other. But you can get beautiful and healthy hair with the proper care of your hair. Your hair will also get prevented from premature hair loss. All hair care products have the necessary two functions. These functions are cleaning and protecting your hair.

I got surprised by the fact when I decided to take proper care of hair. The point is that we people know very little about the most straightforward hair care rules.

Here you will get to see brand new methods to take care of your hair.

  • You should not torment your hair. Your hair should not get brushed 100 times a day.
  • The water you use t wash your hair should be warm. The water should not be too cold nor too hot.

  • Apply the shampoo to the roots and scalp of your head while washing your hair.
  • You should moisten your hair with a conditioner or a mask.
  • Losing clumps of hair is healthy.
  • Your hair gets damaged if you wash them daily.

  • You should use a spray conditioner.
  • The quality of the hairbrush also matters.

I used both homemade and purchased products for an experiment on my hair.

I was a fan of natural products at the beginning. I made all the treatments for my hair on my own. I stopped buying products from the stores. According to me the products we buy from the stores are harmful.

Homemade mask vs. purchased mask

I made my masks. But I can not say that they all are better than covers bought from stores.

  • Homemade masks take more time to get washed off.
  • The natural ingredients that you buy from the stores are not sure of the better quality.
  • All hair masks are not harmful. The effect of hair masks depends upon your hair structure.

It seems like our hair grows faster when we use hair masks

It happens because the covers make the look of our hair better. Our hair gets moistened and becomes shiny and smooth.

Our hair looks better and healthy when the hair ends are of the same length. So that we need to cut the hair ends from time to time. It does not mean that we need to cut only the hair ends, but we also need to take care of the complete length of our hair. The cutting of hair ends upon the growth of our hair. We can cut hair ends after every 33-6 months.

Main points for hair care:

  • You have to make sure that your hair is healthy before dealing with them. You should take care of your hair all the time.
  • You should turn to a trichologist to solve and cure your hair problems.
  • You should know about the hair products you use.