6 Worst Makeup Mistakes That Would Ruin Whole Look


Makeup mistakes-Well, if you have listened to the views of a female, then it is evident that makeup enhances their beauty. It helps in diminishing all the spots and hence make their face appear healthier. It is to hide the paleness on their face. It is the way which explains why women try to achieve perfect looks with different techniques. But also it is the form of art as any other form. But to achieve the best, you need to make a few mistakes to learn from them. And so here we are with the makeup mistakes that generally ruin our looks and destroy our skin. You must be careful regarding them.

Do not apply matte lipstick on the dry lips.

6 Worst Makeup Mistakes That Would Ruin Whole Look

Sometimes you might have found that your lips have become flaky after you take off the lipstick. It is all because of using the matte lipstick without providing the moisture to the lips. Your lips also need care as other parts of the face. You need first to exfoliate them and then moisture them at least once in the week.

Also, keep it in the right shape before you apply the lipstick. The best way is to use the lip primer before using any other product on your lips. It would not compromise with the matte effect, but the moisturizer would do that.

Change the foundations as they get old.

Well, you must have noticed many changes in your body as you grow old. You might find many changes in the elasticity of your skin. The face gets droop and wrinkles start appearing on the individual areas of the skin. It is because of the foundation that you were using while being younger which highlight these areas instead of hiding it. You must keep changing the foundation based on the needs of your skin and hence must better stick to the liquid one. It is better to keep your skin hydrated always.

Blend our makeup down to the neck

Well, putting a makeup, women forget to move it till their jawline. It is a bad habit which gives insight look to your face. It is because you would find a lot of difference in the appearance and hence it is not flattering at all. The best is by fixing the issue is to blend the makeup under the jawline, and it would not give the noticeable line. No matter which foundation you use, you need to apply it down on the lower parts of your face to the middle of your neck.

Do not test foundation on the wrong parts of the body.

It is a major mistake if you test makeup shades on your hands. Your hands will give a different shade of more redness than to your face. And hence you will get the wrong shade. You must have a unique tone on the jawline to give the right example which states the darkness seem right on you. For the lip color, you must ask for the counter sample and then try it on your lips with the help of a clean brush.

Change your foundation during the summer season.

As the clothing way changes with the changing season, your makeup shades and foundations must change. Due to skin exposure in the sun during summers, the tone of the skin darkens. And if you will use the same foundation of winters in the summer season, the skin tone turns pale if you use it in summer. It will call for a change as you want a natural skin shade.

Do not use much glue on the fake eyelashes.

Well, when the time is to put the false eyelashes, then you must use the right amount of glue. You should not go for overusing it. When it ends with overuse, then. As a result, it produces unflattering-looking lashes. You need to put a small amount of glue on the brush and let it dry for a few seconds. The dry the adhesive will be, the better way lashes will stick. Do not even forget to put glue at the end of the lashes that will come off quickly.