Not solely may be an automobile a snug means that of transport, however, it’s conjointly a giant responsibility for a driver particularly in atmospheric condition. In step with the analysis done by Yankee scientists, concerning twenty-second of all road accidents every year square measure thanks to earth science factors. That’s why each driver is needed to possess special information and skills which will facilitate them to manage the automobile once the weather is much from sensible.

In fog

If you’re driving during fog, the aspect windows of your automobile ought to be unbroken down in order that you’ll hear what’s happening outside higher. Besides that, activate your low beams rather than your high beams. once exploitation high beams, the sunshine can mirror within the tiniest particles of the fog, which might confuse you whereas driving.

On a slippery road

When driving on a slippery road, concentrate once growing and down bridges. As a rule, the sand-salt mixture comes off quickly from them associate degreed that’s why they represent a multiplied supply of danger for cars.

Throughout rain

A large British non-depository financial institution doesn’t suggest exploitation rear fog lights as a result of they’ll mask the brake lights of your automobile and therefore, confuse drivers behind you. Also, springing up to a giant puddle, it’s higher to prevent the automobile ahead of it and check out to live it to make certain that you simply will cross it. It’s okay if there’s a line of alternative cars behind you — by measure the puddle you’ll facilitate alternative drivers to beat the obstacle too.

During the rain, at night

If you happen to be driving in serious rain at midnight, detain mind that raindrops on the windscreen refract lightweight and might blind you because of the driver. in addition, robust rain flows conjointly produce a reflective screen after they square measure lit. That’s why it’s higher to manage your headlights in order that their beams don’t go upward.


If you finish up during a snow mound on the curb of the road in winter, don’t steer the wheel the other way. It’s necessary to stay the wheel turned to an equivalent direction and find back to the road by perpetually pressing the gas.

During a windstorm

In order to securely get to the destination purpose throughout a windstorm, among several alternative recommendations, the consultants of a giant producing company suggest effort the road, parking the automobile on the shoulder, and keeping its headlights changed. Otherwise, alternative automobiles may erroneously take the lights of your car for moving traffic and come across it.