6 Best Exercises To Relieve Neck And Shoulder Pain


Relieving your neck and shoulder pain. For most of us, stiffness in shoulders and your neck is the primary problem. Also, in case of pain, it is all due to stress, bad habits of sitting, lack of activities, and the regular stretching. These activities might cause severe pain in your body that you need to heal with time. If you stretch your body for a little while then also sometimes you get the permanent relief. But here the keyword to consider is to be regular. Here we are with the active stretches that would help with the relief in neck and shoulder pain.


6 Exercise for relieving your neck and shoulder pain

The neck roll

Rolling your neck is a very gentle procedure to release the tension around your neck. For the exercise, you need to roll down a towel and then place the rolled one at the base of your neck. Now lie down on the bed with your head falling back towards the floor and try to feel relaxed position. Let yourself stay in the place for at least ten minutes until you feel relieved from the pain.

Clasping the neck stretch

The exercise is best to relieve your pain in the back of the neck and also in the upper end. For this activity, you need to sit on the chair comfortably, or even you can sit on the floor. Now clasp your hand and touch the back of the head. Now gently try to pull your chin towards your chest by turning your head to the chest. Hold down your position for at least thirty to forty seconds and then go back to your original post and eventually release your hands.

Lateral neck flexion stretch

The target of this exercise is the side of your neck. You need to start your activity by sitting on the floor or chair in a very comfortable position. Now place the right hand on the top of the head and then pull it towards your correct location. Try to keep your back straight always while exercising in the relaxed position of your shoulders. Hold down your posture for at least thirty to forty seconds and later move back to your initial post with your hands relaxed on your thighs. Repeat the same on the next side.

Upper trapezius stretch

The stretch is for relieving your neck and shoulder pain. Start the exercise by putting your right arm on the back and then let it grab it with the help of left hand. Now try to pull it gently towards the left foot and your left ear towards the left shoulder. In short, you need to bend towards the left side slightly. Now hold down your posture for the next twenty seconds to repeat the same step for the other side. Now you can also perform the activity by keeping your hand in front and perform stretching. But here the angle of exercise will differ in either case.

Levator scapulae stretch

The target of the stretch is to relieve pain from the neck side and shoulder. To start the exercise, you need to sit on the chair keeping one hand behind. Now tip your chin towards the chest and then ear towards the left shoulder. Now slightly rotate your head with the angle of 45 degrees in right and left the position. To provide the support you can use your hand with your head. But make sure that you are not forcing yourself. Make the gentle movements in each case. Hold on the position for at least twenty seconds and then change your side.

Thread the needle exercise

The activity helps to release the tension from the upper back and also from the shoulder blades. Make soft and smooth moves. Put your hands on your knees, to begin with, the exercise. Now try to slide down your palm up with your left arm in between the right legs and arm. Now rotate your whole body till your hand’s touch ground. Now repeat the exercise with another side after holding the position for thirty to forty seconds.