6 Best And Time-Saving Tricks To Solve Your Every Day Problems


Solve everyday problems-According to the survey, it was out that only two percent of the people in the world have a high IQ level. But then also those people do not know all the perfect hacks of simplifying our lives that we have created a list in handy here. Here we are with the constant hunt for the easy along with the budget-friendly such that it makes the life of the reader easy. Hence we will recommend you to be sure about the checking of the latest findings for you.


The trick to renew the marker

How To Solve Everyday Problems You Face

Markers very often stop working once you open it. Also, when you need those markers in most of the cases, then they will usually not work for you. But you should not worry about it because here we with one trick for you. If you got blessed with the deodorant, and also that must be gas-alcohol based then you need to spray it inside by opening the marker. It will provide the tag with a new life at least for some time.

To save battery, put the phone on airplane mode.

Well, it is the situation that most of us have faced at least once or more than that. Our phone battery meets its last breath. And then we need to make an important to someone. But for that, we have one solution, and that is to put your phone on the airplane mode. It is one of the simple tricks to save the energy of the phone. It would cut your phone with every connection and even the internet connection. Now there is no function in your phone at least not for someone to reach you. But it will help save the battery.

Prepare a reward card chain.

Well, it is evident with most of the people that they confuse themselves with the gift cards, reward cards, and much more cards. It is the condition that mostly happens when it is time to pay. But now you can solve the issue with a simple trick. Use a punch hole and then punch through the cards that you often use with the time. But punching here means not to ruin the magnetic strip. Put all of them with a key ring. Now add one ribbon to them so that they turn out to be manageable such that you can carry it anywhere you want.

A hairdryer is the best to prepare the stickers.

It acts as the hand tool that we often use daily. It can help solve the number of problems. We always try to remove the sticker from something, especially that turns out to be brand new. But here hairdryer can help you out. It would supply some heat to the production glue to remove quickly. It solves the primary problem. Now it is easy to remove the sticker swiftly and gently. Now use a wet napkin to take off the leftover sticker.

Label your spice jars is the right pattern.

Well, the trick is for the kitchen lovers who love to print a label on the jars. But here we will suggest putting on the side of the pot in the right place. You can see the lids and guess the material inside, but you would always like not to add any salt to the coffee. Hence you need to make a perfect sense for it. Put the correct label on the jar with the product inside it.

Cooking corn on the cob is a perfect way.

It is the right trick that would help to turn the raw corn to the delicious ones in a few minutes.

You need to wrap around the ear of corn with the help of a wet paper towel. Let it be still in the microwave for at least five minutes. And now its time to unwrap the corn and enjoy eating it. With the addition to your taste, you can add some “oomph” to the corn. Also, you can smear the butter on the corn before wrapping and placing in the microwave.