6 Female gestures that make men fall for her.!!


Women can be totally adorable and crazy at the same time! They hold a very special place in men’s hearts.  Women will always care immensely for the man they love. No man can do without the love of a woman.Man nurture many gestures of women, apart from calling him again and again, childish behavior while doing something, or even wasting too many hours in shopping. This article will tell you exactly which gestures men love about a woman.Let’s see them!!

Hugging like this!

This is by far the most adorable behavior of a woman that men adore. They actually look forward to hugs like these.

He loves it when you play with his hair!

If you’re wondering whether he’ll like it when you play with his hair, here’s the answer: Yes, of course, he will! Men consider it as a sign of love, and care when you do that! So, go ahead!

Share what you feel via social media!

He likes it when you express how much you love him on social media!


He will surely like it when you give him a chance to speak while you listen to him attentively!

Call or text him even if you’re busy!

It takes just a second to text somebody that you miss them. Go ahead and do that!

He actually loves PDA!

Display your affection for him publically. Hold hands in public, play with his hair, correct his outfit. He will love you even more if you do that!