This beauty blogger’s transformation into Taylor Swift is insane!!


Makeup can do wonders provided you have perfected the art of applying makeup. It works wonders when it comes to covering scars, Blemishes, and acne marks. It is a boon for the girls who do not feel good in their skin or who have been through horrible accidents and got scarred very severely. Make can be used to give a touch of glam. But have you ever seen someone transform themselves into another person with makeup? If not, have a look at this beauty blogger, Who transformed herself into Taylor Swift and had people mistaken!


This is pony, the Make-up Artist

Pony is a Professional makeup artist who is so proficient in her work that she had people mistaken for taking her as the ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ singer! She is so good with makeup and knows the little tricks to transform herself into someone else. She has an eye for details!


Nope, this is not Taylor Swift. It’s pony!!

Her real name is  Hye-Min Park. She has shocked people with her baffling makeup tutorial video! People had a delusion that she is the real Taylor Swift!


She looks completely different in real life!

This transformation was made possible with the help of 24 cosmetic products! No wonder she is a virtuoso when it comes to makeup!


The transformation is Jaw-dropping!

This six minutes transformation video shows preening, shaping, layers of toner, eyeliner and distinctive red lipstick. In just six minutes, she transformed herself into Taylor Swift!