At this point in time, there’s nothing that cannot be found online. All a person needs is a computer and a good internet connection, and they will have all the resources at their disposal. Most people who have this privilege, many spend a good chunk of their time on social media connecting with other people; however, there are other better ways of using the internet. You could teach yourself some of the following life-changing skills for free online.



Coding used to be a reserve of the nerds, people who had spent all their lives around computers which used to be rare back in the day. That is a thing of the past right now because all you need to become a good coder is a computer of any kind, some free time, and a good internet connection. The internet is awash with all kinds of websites that teach people how to code like professionals within months without paying a single penny towards it. One of the best sites for this is, Codeacademy which has the best resources for beginners starting out and coders looking to take it to the next level.

New Language


The ease of learning a new language in the 21st century just got a lot easier, thanks to hundreds of free online sites that offer these lessons for free through human teachers and Artificial Intelligence. All you have to do is pick out the language you have an interest in, find the right website with the resources to teach it and begin the lessons. On average, you require about 2 hours in a day to learn the basics,, which will be tested by random tests generated by the AI or the person conducting the lessons.

Some of the popular sites for this include Livemocha and mobile apps like DuoLingo



Have you ever had any interest in rearing fishes in ponds or just having an aquarium around you but you lack the resources or live too far away from any water source? Then don’t fret anymore. A short trip to YouTube will yield you thousands of tutorial videos that will take you through the whole process in a precise manner without any demand for money or any other form of payment. These videos are usually uploaded by both professionals who have spent years developing their skills.

Besides YouTube, you can also check out websites like Imountaintree that are full of all kinds of pond and aquarium information, which may further equip you with the knowledge to take your passion to the next level.

Graphic Design


The need for graphic material has spiked in the last decade as the focus shifts online. It would be hard to find a business that doesn’t have a website or a social media account. These websites and accounts need daily uploads of beautiful graphical material that communicates to the clients. This requires graphic design skills, which you can quickly learn online within a short time. You’ll be introduced to software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as well as countless tutorial videos on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

One of the online resources worth checking out if you have an interest in this is Udemy



Everybody can handle some form of writing, at least the basic forms. But there is another kind of writing that is used for blogs and research papers that’s quickly gaining traction around the world with the demand for writers shooting up. If you have some little experience in writing these kinds of pieces, you can sharpen your skills further to the point where you start making some serious money from writing alone. You can end up being a freelance writer with writing accounts on sites like Glassdoor or Upwork, where you can get clients from around the world who pay a good amount of money for all kinds of tasks, depending on your skill level.

Social Media Marketing


As mentioned earlier, all businesses are shifting their focus to online platforms like Twitter and Facebook since most of their clients use social media for a better part of the day. This has opened up a skill gap in the form of the social media marketing that has not been fully plugged. You can take advantage of this by teaching yourself some basic social media marketing skills that will make you a social media manager with the ability to manage several accounts belonging to various enterprises at the same time.

Some of the online social media marketing courses and resources that you can benefit from include Acadium apprenticeships, Facebook Advertising Blueprint, Google Analytics Academy, among many others. Most of these are free, and those that require payment are usually within the affordable range of almost everyone who has an interest in learning.


The current world is full of opportunities for those who are ready to take them and using the internet for more worthwhile purposes like teaching yourself new skills could be the difference between a good career and a life full of deadends. It is okay to have some fun online, but you would be served better if you created some time for your own growth at least once a day. Most of these online resources are free, so you have nothing to lose.