List of Top 6 Items That Are Not Safe To Share With Anyone


Things you should not share with anyone-There is bacterial growth in your ears with the frequent use of the earphones. Well, the results regarding bacterial growth were out by the conducted studies. Also, if you will share your earphones with others, then it might further risk with the bad growth of bacteria. Thus you casually suffer from the ear infections. But to protect your health, it is all in your hands. You can only prevent yourself because no one will come and tell you about such matters. But here we are to share with you some of them. I hope you will like and follow them.

Please keep your things separate from others. Hence here we are to share some items with you. I am sure you will follow them up.

Nail Clippers

6 Things you should not share with anyone

Well, we are not aware of such items because cannot see them with the naked eyes. But you will find a lot of bacteria, fungal microorganisms, and the viruses on the fingers of humans and their nails. Thus if you will use an ordinary clipper for your nails, then it would lead to the number of infections. Thus it would increase the risk for fungal infections and HIV by using the clipper of other people.


Well, for the human’s everyone indeed has different and many blood vessels in their ears. Thus you can become infected by others very quickly. It would lead to the blood born diseases even if you will wear earrings of your friend for a small occasion. And for the next, you will also borrow earrings for more than once. But if you want to use them, then you need to clean them first using alcohol.

Lip Balm

Well, as we know blood vessel are all around our body and thus under the surface of our lips too. They will carry everything that you will use on the part of your face into the stream of blood. Even the microbes can enter with it. It would even lead to the transmission of herpes which is also a virus from one human to another. It will generally happen if you will share the typical lip balm with your friend. Well, for this, you will never get some visible symptoms ever in your life.

Eyebrow tweezers

It is not that scary for you to use the eyebrow tweezer by someone else to tweeze the extra hair. But if you plan to get rid of the heavily ingrown hair, then it is the matter to think first. If the blood appears while removing the extra one, then be careful about it because it would cause severe problems in the future. Here we can turn the tweezers to be hepatitis C and HIV. But if you do not have any other option than sharing the tweezer, then you need to clean it first with the help of alcohol.

Ball deodorant

Deodorants could carry a lot of infections. It can affect you severely if the bacterias enter the small openings through the wounds after you have shaved your underarms. For the case of fragrant deodorants, it is to mask out the smell, but if you think that it is good to remove bacteria, then you are wrong. It will even multiply them in a significant number. Thus infects your body. We always recommend you to use the deodorants that consist of antibacterial ingredients and do not let other members of the family share with you.

The bar soap

After you use the bar soap once then, the microorganisms grow in that area in the small time. Also, these microbes can be harmless, but in other cases, they can be dangerous for us. The worst-case arises when the soap will lie in a wet condition. It is because moisture in the solvent acts as the free environment for the growth of harmful bacterias on the soap. These viruses and fungus can cause further severe problems. If you do not want your body to grow with infections, then use the liquid soap instead of this.