5 Best exercises With The Workout Plan To Transform The Entire Body


Exercises to transform your body-Well, everyone on this wish to have a healthy with toned skin. We want a beautiful shape of our body when we look in the mirror. But if you will find the super complicated exercises by using a lot of equipment so that you can attain perfection, then we recommend you not to use them.

It is because we are here with a simple loved solution for you. Well, it will turn out to be a simple exercise which must be in a well-organized manner along with your workout plans. It will bring a lot of wonders for you and your body. It would even tone out your muscles in the fast and possible way as you can.

Here we are with the quick workout plan for you that would help to tone the whole body in one month.


5 best exercises to transform your body

Which muscle you need to train in case:

Plank is the static exercise which we generally underrate it. But it is the best one to strengthen your core which would be good to tone your abs. It would be preferable to build up the shoulder.

How can you perform the same?

You need to perform the push-ups on the floor. It would help you to maintain the angle of ninety degrees between the elbows and then try to prop yourself up on the toes and the elbows. You must keep yourself straight from your head to the heels.

Push-ups is one of the best exercises to transform your body

Which muscles get trained with the exercise:

If you will perform push-ups along the chest, shoulder, and your back then it would provide your upper body with a workout.

How can you perform the activity:

You need to lie downward being straight with your chest and stomach. Put the hands right under the shoulders. Try to push yourself up to bring your torso, thighs, and chest up. You must keep your abs tight while moving up and down to form a straight line. Now jump down to the floor once again.


Which muscle get trained with the activity:

Well, the exercise will help you to prepare yourself with quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and the whole body in a posterior chain.

How can you perform the activity:

Keep your feet away from each other in a width of shoulder apart. You can even place them in a wide range if you feel unstable with it. Now bend down your knees, lengthen the spine, and then reach the hips with a back. It must seem with the posture that you are sitting on the chair. Now come back to your normal position and exhale out to repeat the activity.


Which muscles get trained with the exercise:

It will provide strength to your back, abs, thighs, and glutes.

How can you perform the activity:

You need to kneel with the hips to keep it hip-width apart from each other. And place one hand on the ground which must be shoulder-width apart. Lift your opposite knee off from the floor and try to keep your weight centered as possible by balancing yourself. Bring your hand in front and then open the opposite leg to the backside. Always remember to keep your body straight in the whole exercise.

Hip Bridge

Which muscles get trained with the exercise:

It acts as the core exercise which aims to strengthen the glutes, erector the spinal.

How can you perform the exercise:

Lay down by facing your back on the floor. Turn your knees in the bent position. Keep your knees with the hip-width apart from each other. Try to lift your pelvis and tighten your glutes by squeezing them. Hold down yourself for a while and then lower down. You must repeat the steps for a while.

A four weeks schedule to get the best results as possible:

It is best when you introduce your exercise to the workout plans. Your work out plans must be as follows:

Workout 1: Plank exercise for one minute, push-ups for one minute, squats for two minutes, Bird-dog for one minute, hip-bridge for one minute, again plank for one minute, push-ups for one minute, squats for two minutes.

Workout 2: Plank for three minutes, bird-dog for three minutes, hip-bridge for three minutes, and push-ups for one minute.