6 Unique Ways To Not To Miss Your Pet’s Illness


Check your pet’s health-Most of the people love to live with their pets, and they cannot even imagine living without them. There is a need to get regular check-ups for their pets at home to make sure that they are living a healthy life. There can be some situations when our pets can be in danger, and we do not even realize it. According to various studies, parasites are the common cause of pet ailments. There are no symptoms of their illness until the pets become very sick. So there is a need for the regular check-ups of the pets.

You can conduct a check-up of the pets yourself to reduce the various risks of all kinds of animal diseases.

Check your pet’s temperature.

If you want your pet to be healthy then make sure you check your pet’s health everyday by your self. You can buy a special thermometer for a regular checkup of your pet at home. This thermometer reads the pet’s temperature by only sticking the probe inside your pet’s ear. To check the temperature, it is also possible with a regular digital rectal thermometer.

  • Temperature range for the cats: The temperature range is between 100-degree Fahrenheit and 102-degree Fahrenheit (37.7-degree Celcius- 39.1-degree Celcius).
  • Temperature range for the dogs: The temperature of the dogs ranges around 101-degree Fahrenheit (38-degrees Celcius).

Measure and control down your pet’s heart rate

The heart rate of the animals depends upon their size. To check the heart rate of your pets, you need a watch or stopwatch.

  • For the cat’s heart rate: You have to place your hands on the cat’s chest behind the elbows. Then count down the beats for 15 seconds and then multiply the resultant figure by four. The average heart rate for the cats is between 140 and 220 beats per minute.
  • For the dog’s heart rate: You have to put your palm on the dog’s chest under the armpits. The average heart rate for the dogs is between 70 and 120 beats per minute.

Check your pet’s health like eye problems.

The main reason that the dogs and cats visit the vet is eye problems. Dogs have much eye problems than the cats because the dogs spend much more time outside the homes which increases the risk of eye infections and injury.

There are different eye infections which can cause blindness. So it is important to get checked up the eyes of your pets regularly. If you some dirt in their eyes, clean them. Take your pet to the vet in case you see any severe inflammation in their eyes.

Examine your pet’s ears for the mites and scratches

You should check your pet’s ears for the mites and infections. You may find the scratches on the ears. You should scrutinize their ears from the inside also. You can also turn out the ear; there is no problem for it. There can be a problem in the ear if:

  • there is a bad smell
  • the part of a listener is painful
  • the skin of the ear is inflamed
  • new lumps appear on the ear
  • something inside the ear is moving
  • there is a lot of wax in the ear

Look after their teeth

You should visit veterinarian once a year to get checked your pet’s teeth. You also check your pet’s teeth regularly at home to check the signs of any dental problems. You need to check for:

  • Bad breath
  • Loose or broken teeth
  • Drooling or abnormal chewing
  • Your pet refuses to eat
  • reduced appetite
  • bleeding
  • pain in the mouth

One of the most effective ways to keep your pet’s teeth healthy is to brush their teeth daily.

Check your pet’s fur and the skin.

Check the skin of your pet for the scratches and fur for the parasites. If the pets spend much time outside in the streets, then there can be a lot of chances that your pet get mites from the other animals on the road.

Try to keep their paws and nails healthy

You should check the paws and claws of your pet’s regularly. Their paws and claws may get injure while playing with other animals.