How To Identify Fake Gadgets In Six Different Ways


Recognize fake gadgets-In today’s world, there is a knock-off for every gadget that you can think of, right from the latest model of iPhone to the newest smartwatch. This makes the average consumer quite susceptible to getting fake gadgets, especially if you are ordering online. Even though it is difficult to differentiate between an original and a fake, it is not impossible as the fake one will always have flaws. We bring you six ways in which you can identify a fake gadget.

6 Ways to recognize fake gadgets

  1. Packaging

6 Ways to recognize fake gadgets

When it comes to original manufacturers, not just the product but the packaging is also of top-grade. They ensure that the packaging is fully secured, has proper labels and contains detailed instructions. Fake gadgets do not come in perfect packaging.

  1. User manual

The user manual is a crucial part of the packaging of all the gadgets and devices. If the user manual you got is in an undecipherable language, not in English, or not in the native language, it is likely that your product is a knock-off.

  1. Quality

The quality of their products is the biggest concern for a brand, and they make sure that the products they manufacture are made of excellent-quality materials, are visually appealing and free of imperfections. Knock-offs are not made with such perfections.

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  1. Font

As the logo of a company ensures its brand recognition, brands never skimp on the quality of the logo. The knock-offs o not worry so much about the logo and may get the font or the company name wrong in many cases.

  1. Charger

As the manufacturing company always puts the charger that offers the appropriate voltage for the company in which it has to be sold, being asked to buy a separate charger or an adapter confirms that the product you are buying is not original.

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  1. Details

The products of brands go through many quality checks, and their attention to the detailing is quite scrupulous. If the product you bought has loose parts or odd angles, it is a fake.