7 Useless Beauty Stuffs That We Use And Keep Wasting Money


Beauty products that are not worth buying. It is all according to the survey conducted by the American Cosmetic store. It states that for a woman, she daily uses 16 products on an average. Well, it is not that surprising for you to know and we give a special thanks to the variety of skincare products and some other makeup items. It is what our cosmetic brand entices with it. Thus it would be difficult to resist the temptation to buy more and more products.

Well, with that we are not even sure that is these cosmetic items are useful for us or not. But when the survey conducted, we ended with the result that many products are not worth buying. Spending money on everything at all is good. Hence, you should look through the compilations so that you can know more about the products.

Night Cream

7 Beauty products that are not worth buying

Well, for your night facial creams let us confirm you that they are not useless in any case. It consists of the component which we call retinol that even does not work at the daytime. It is because retinol has no working with the rays of the sun. Even the dermatologists that the night creams are also overpriced. Thus you should not buy them in any of the cases. And it is not to apply if you plan for the proper care of the skin during the day.

Shaving creams and foams for female

The foams and gels are to provide softness to the body hair. It will make shaving easy and smooth for you. And it is the reason why the content of male and female is the same in the shaving types. But the difference that you will find in general is of the odor and the was to design it to form packaging of a different kind.

But in case, for a woman, if there is no matter of fragrance for you then you do not require to buy a shaving cream in particular. Also, in many types, male shaving creams are of less cost. Also, if there a moisturizing shower gel and the hair conditioner then it will help to provide softness to the hair.

Pore the strips for the blackheads

Blackheads mainly occur when there is an accumulation of bacterias. Also, they might be due to excess in the secretion of your skin at the base of the follicle on the skin. Pore strips are to remove the dirt from your surface. It would even traumatize your skin if it took the protective layer. These stripes are not to help to get the free skin from acne. Thus please buy the food cleansing gel with the help of salicylic acid.

The neck cream

At the neck place, your skin turns out to be delicate and thin. Thus it is good to provide daily moisturizer to the skin. But that does not mean to buy some extra cream for that. If you will get a regular day cream for the surface and then you can use same for your neck. You need to apply it smoothly from bottom to up.

Spray for your face

Sprays will keep your skin moisturized always. And when it is daytime, it will save you fresh for a long time. Well, many other people have an opinion which says when you spray water along with the moisturizer, then it gets evaporated and thus does not show any effect. Thus it would even lead to more dryness on the face. When you spray along with the moisturizers, then it would not have such effects. But when you go with the high price of such products, then it would be useless.

Matte wipes

These matte wipes are the thin pieces of the paper to absorb the sebum from your skin. And you can get the same effect from the tissues and the towels. But you cannot see those oily spots anyhow.

Thermal hairsprays one of the beauty products that are not worth buying

Hairsprays help to keep your hair moisturized for a long time that can get vanished due to high temperatures. You can create a protective effect, and it is the presence of silicone. The silicone is present in many other hair products, and thus you do not need to buy the thermal cosmetic items.