7 Best Makeup Tricks That Will Simplify Your Life


Makeup tricks-Well, everyone among you would have one dream, and that is to look beautiful always. You want to look beautiful among all others. You use a lot of tricks to stay fresh and calm with your appearance. But then the talk comes to the simple life hacks which can bring a lot of change in our routines. It will save a lot of time of yours and even nerves. Hence in this article, we will tell you that how can you revive your mascara and the ways by which you can highlight and many other tricks that you can daily use in your life.

Here we are with some of the makeup tricks that can even change the routine of your life.

Reusing the mascara brushes

7 Best Makeup Tricks That Will Simplify Your Life

Well, let us inform you that not only the mascara is essential for us to apply but the brushes also play a vital part in such cases. You might find your favorite brush and especially the one which is expensive in the brand then you can wash it and use it with the other mascara type. You may even combine the effect of the long lashes from the mascara and the volume from the brush to get the maximum result as per your requirement.

Mix the BB Cream with the face highlighter.

Well, nobody among you would like to overload your skin with the makeup. Mainly it is the case for those who do not want to move to many layers of the composition. But still, they wanted to look fresh, shiny, and smooth. For them, we have one of the makeup tricks to use. They need to mix the BB cream and the drop of the favorite highlighter and then apply it evenly on the face. The hack is best to use during the summertime especially if your skin needs the proper protection than applying the makeup.

Vaseline is the best type to remove the makeup from your face.

The process of removing makeup is very gentle. And hence it is what the skin around the eyes would require for you. Well, use Vaseline instead of using the usual makeup remover or even if you forget to buy the new one. Vaseline acts as the moisturizer for your skin. It is the best option for you especially if you use it in the wintertime. It is best for dry skin.

For the process, you need to apply some vaseline on your face and then massage it and later remove the makeup with the help of a cotton pad.

Mix the translucent powder and the color correcting moisturizer.

Well, the hack is for the girls who possess oily skin. Girls always prefer to have a matte look on their face and hence for that they need to mix a bit of translucent powder with the color correcting moisturizer. It will help in the creation of thicker paste.

Mix a drop of the illuminator with the moisturizer to get the fresh look.

Well, for you the simple and sober look can be quickly achieved by the mixture of moisturizer with a small drop of the illuminator. With this, your skin will appear fresh and gives the perfect rested look to your face.

The contact lenses solution is perfect to revive your mascara.

Well, while getting ready we are always in a hurry and even rush such that we often forget to close mascara bottle and hence it can also cause its expiry faster than before. It will dry and most of the cases it is challenging to revive it again. But do not worry, we have a small drop in the contact lens solution to reuse the dried mascara.

A hairdryer is the best alternative to the eyelash curler.

Well, girls with the curled eyelashes look perfect. But they always worry to use the eyelash curler in an ideal manner. But in such a case, if you do not have then hairdryer can act as the best alternative to it. Use it on low for a couple of seconds after you will apply the mascara. With this, the eyelashes will get curled quickly.