The biggest mascara mistakes of all times!



I’m sure that every girl here loves mascara! After all, who wouldn’t want to highlight their eyes and make them look more appealing?Just like the eyeliner, applying your mascara is also an art which you need to master.Most of us apply mascara thinking like we are applying like a pro, but we do not notice those little glitches we make while using it. You might not find any mistakes yourself, but we are here to do it for you.Have you ever noticed that you had not curled the lashes properly?  So, if you have been thinking that you know the art of applying mascara you might be wrong here.

Here is a list of common mistakes you make while applying mascara.

1) Use of Eyelash Curler Before Mascara

If you are using the eyelash curler before applying your mascara, you are doing it wrong. Try curling your lashes after applying mascara and see the magic.

2) Applying The Mascara on Upper Lash Line First

You should always apply mascara on your lower lash line first and then only move on to using it on the upper lashes. This will lower the chance of your mascara getting smudged.

3) Don’t Pump Mascara into the tube several times

Avoid pumping your wand too many times into the bottle as it will create bubbles. These bubbles will make your mascara look clumpy and flaky.

4) Do Not Forget to Drain Off The Excess Mascara From The Brush

Make it a habit of draining off any excess mascara on your brush to get those perfect eyelashes.

5) Never Use Mascara That is More Than 6 Months Old

Change your mascara every six months. Old mascara can damage your eyelashes instead of making them look pretty.

6) Do Not Over Coat Mascara

Adding many layers of mascara to your lashes might make them look flaky and clumpy. So go for a maximum of two coats.

7) Always Use Spoolie While Applying Mascara

Now obviously you don’t want to make your eyelashes look like a spider. Always make sure to use a spoolie to separate your lashes and to get rid of any excess mascara.