7 Best Hacks To Aware You About What You Eat


Tricks to test the freshness of your food-Food products might not taste good if it is not of good quality. It might even lead to many other serious health problems which can be difficult to cure later. Hence you must choose the right food items for yourself. Ok, let us explain it with the help of an example. Forchlorfenuron is to add so that we can increase the size of the watermelon.

Even the increased weight can cause nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and swelling when you will eat such watermelon. But now you should not worry much because we will here teach you that how you can detect the danger in these watermelons. Do not stress yourself because here we are with some easy and quick tricks.

Choose pastured and fresh eggs.

7 Best tricks to test the freshness of your food

How to test the freshness of your food? It is the simple trick that you can check the life of the egg with the help of the glass of water. Put an egg in the glass of water and later examine it properly. If the egg will move to the side and sink in water, then that means you have chosen a fresh one. It is best to eat. But if the egg will move to the side forming an angle, then that means it is old.

But if the egg is floating on the surface of the water, then that means it is much old that you should not even prefer to eat it. As the egg grows the shell lets the air to pass through it which makes it float on the surface of the water.

Sound test for the chocolate bar

Many manufacturers lie about the content of the right cocoa present in the chocolate. If you want to check the actual content, then take the bar out and then listen to the sound. If the tap on bar produces a loud and click sound, then high cocoa is present in it. But if less cocoa is present, then it will provide a soft and dull sound.

How to pick up the right avocado?

Simple tricks to pick up right avocado is to peel off its stem. If the stem peel will come out off it quickly and there is green underneath, then that means it is the right one. If after peeling you get brown under stem then that means it is overripe which is not good for you. You will find the dark spots around the pit if you open it. But if the stem is not natural to remove then, that means the fruit of avocado is still under ripe.

Throw the cracked watermelon

If you find a cut on the watermelon or see cracks on it, then you should never eat it. The cracks produced can be due to chemical sprinkling on them. The chemicals used here are to increase the size of the watermelon. If you ingest it, then the substances might even lead to the health problems which might also have the toxic poison inside it.

Do not eat spoiled mussels

If you plan to cook the raw mussels, then they must not be open. If it is open then tap on its surface. If it will close quickly, then that means it good and alive. You can go for eating it. But if it does not then you must throw it away. In this case, the mussel is dead. When you boil or steam the molds, then all good ones will open quickly. But it does not then it is good if you will get rid of it.

Eat good bananas

The conventional bananas grow using the fertilizers and other chemicals. And it is the primary difference between traditional and organic bananas. Organic food gets prepared using natural products. Bananas that get labeled as organic ones always try to bruise very often. Avoid the greyish color of bananas. These are not good to eat and not even tasty because they might not be stored in the right place.

Best shrimp is with its head-on.

Shrimp with no head has turned defrosted. It is because a transporter carries shrimp with no head. But its head contains a lot of fat which can destroy the texture of the shrimp if you will keep it stored for much time.