How can you say whether an avocado is ripe by looking at it?


Pick Fresh Avocado-Avocados can be pretty expensive no matter where you shop from. So when we choose them from the baskets, we try to make use of scientific precision. It can be tricky. With so many variations of hue, the firmness or softness calculations, questions about the correct ripening time, you have to play the guessing game quite well. You have to hope best for your wallet at such times.

No one wants to see brown lesions of disappointment when you cut open this fruit. You realize that the entire bag, in fact, has the same type of avocados inside. So for hankering some guacamole, there goes a recipe.

So how do you level up this fruit picking game? Follow these secret tips:

Judge them from their exterior & then pick fresh avocado

Let’s begin with the kinds to avoid. Avocados with brilliant green skin are normally firm on the inside and can be unripe. If you don’t have to consume them or use them immediately, you could always let them rest at home for a few days before they ripen.

The ones which have a combination of greens and browns on the exterior are soon to hit the ripening stage. The darker skin could indicate that it is a ‘day off’ ripe or overripe. The pressure test will then come in handy.

Check the Navel

Pick Fresh Avocado

Flicking the stem away and checking the color underneath to check the ripeness has to be one of the easiest ways. A greenish color indicates that it’s under and a yellowish tinge indicates that its just right. However, this should be free of brown lesions. Brown color indicates that it is over-ripe.

The avocado is not ready at all if the stem won’t pop.

There’s a pressure test if every technique fails.

If the fruit is mushy, it means its dead. Squeeze it gently to see whether it acts upon a light pressure. If it’s way too soft or has dents, avoid it. It will feel soft if it’s a ‘day off’ ripe. Almost ripe ones will be firm enough.

There are three types of checking out for almost-ripe, unripe and ripe.

An aluminum foil or a brown bag can speed up the ripening process altogether. These tricks result in the ethylene gas production which helps the fruit to ripen.

For the bag method, add an apple or banana to the bag to level up the process and store at normal temperature.

Slide them into your fridge if you don’t want them to ripen quickly.

I hope you could now rescue yourself from avocado nightmares & Pick Fresh Avocado