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What is the best stress reliever? The first things that come to mind are a walk in the woods, fragrant tea, and an exciting book. Yet, an intriguing plot also can distract us from worries and reboot our minds before going to bed.

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“The Catcher in the Rye”, by J. D. Salinger

“The Catcher in the Rye” is included in the list of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century. Both the title of the novel and the name of its protagonist Holden Caulfield have become iconic for many generations of young rebels – from beatniks and hippies to modern radical youth movements.

The novel is written on behalf of sixteen-year-old Holden. He tells the story of what happened to him last winter, before Christmas in December 1949. The book illustrates how the young man perceives American reality and doesn’t accept the general canons and morality of that time.

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“The Thirteenth Tale”, by Diane Setterfield

“The Thirteenth Tale” is a recognized masterpiece of modern English prose, opening the neo-gothic genre to the general public. You will surely enjoy this novel in the style of Daphne Du Maurier with a touch of mysticism and detective story.

According to the plot, Margaret Lee works in her father’s bookstore. One day, she gets an amazing offer – the famous writer Vida Winter wants Margaret to become her biographer. Why is the proposal so strange? Miss Winter is known for not telling a single interviewer a word of the truth.

Margaret accepts the invitation and finds herself in a gloomy mansion inhabited by the ghosts of the past. She learns the story of the twin sisters, which leads to the solution to the thirteenth tale.

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“The Secret History”, by Donna Tartt

“The Secret History” is set in a small college in Vermont. Nineteen-year-old Richard Papen comes to this college from California to study ancient Greek. He becomes friends with four young men and one girl. All of them are incredibly smart, charismatic, rich and passionate about ancient culture.

Later, in their cheerful and close-knit company, a murder takes place. Many years later, the main character tries to comprehend what happened and reproduces his student life, relationships with fellow students and his girlfriend. So, his confession turns into a gripping psychological thriller.

“The Espressologist”, by Kristina Springer

Seventeen-year-old Jane Turner works as a barista at Wired Joe’s coffee shop. She has long kept an “espresso” diary, in which she correlates the clients’ characters with the coffee drinks they order. Surprisingly, her assumptions are always true.

When people around find out about Jane’s notebook and her rare “coffee-psychological” talent, her espressology goes to a new level. Thanks to Jane, hundreds of people will find friends and lovers.

“One of Us Is Lying”, by Karen M. McManus

The strict teacher left five high school students in the classroom after lessons as punishment, but only four got out alive. Simon, the fifth student, was a school outcast who brutally took revenge on his bully on the Internet. How did he do it? Simon revealed the ugliest secrets of other students on the Internet.

The police have no doubts that Simon was murdered and all four students are suspected since each of them has something to hide. But which of the four is the killer? Is it Bronwyn, a straight A’s student? Eddie, the blonde from the shampoo ad? Nate, a young criminal on probation? Cooper, a rising baseball star?

They all had their own reasons for getting rid of Simon.

“One Day in December”, by Josie Silver

Laurie is sure: love at first sight only exists in films. But one snowy December day, she meets the young man’s gaze through the bus window. Throughout the year, she looks for this young man everywhere: on the streets of London, in the subway, cafe, at the bus stop.

As a result, she really finds him, but under strange circumstances. The guy turns out to be the new boyfriend of Sarah, Laurie’s friend. Will Laurie be able to find a way out of this confusing situation and become happy?

“City of Girls”, by Elizabeth Gilbert

“City of Girls” is a book by Elizabeth Gilbert, whose novel “Eat, Pray, Love” became a world bestseller. The story begins in 1940 when nineteen-year-old Vivian Morris is expelled from a prestigious college. The parents send their daughter to Manhattan to her aunt, the owner of a small but very eccentric theater.

Unexpectedly, Vivian finds herself in a real whirlpool of pre-war bohemian life. Acquaintances with stars follow. Unusual theatrical performances and a feeling of complete freedom fascinate the young woman. And this is just the beginning of Vivian’s life-long journey. However, everything changes with the beginning of World War II.

Final Thoughts

We hope that there is a book on the list (or even a few) that will impress you. Perhaps, you may want to read other books by these authors since all of them are recognized professionals in their field.