Dream symbols and their meaning-Sometimes, dreams are the most beautiful part of our sleep, and sometimes, they are so utterly petrifying that you lose sleep for the next few hours. Whatever it may be, dreams and their significance have always fascinated humans. We have always wondered if dreams are pre-cursor to the future or not. Most of the times, dreams are not foretelling of future events but the projection of our subconscious thoughts and emotions. But these thoughts are not displayed in a straight-forward manner but are depicted by hidden symbols. Read on to find out more about the seven common symbols that show up in our dreams and what do they mean.

Dream symbols and their meaning

Missing Teeth

Losing teeth or missing teeth are one of the most common things that people dream about across the world. No, it does not mean that you need to visit your dentist ASAP, but it signifies your anxiety about your appearance. If your teeth fell out in the dream when you speak, it is a sign that you need to be more assertive in real life.

Dream symbols and their meaning


When I wish for a dream to come true, it generally means the dream where I win a huge lottery and become a billionaire overnight. On the other hand, many have nightmares about going bankrupt or broke. If you frequently dream about money, it could point to anxiety or concern about your present spending habits.

Final Exams

One of the worst nightmares I had was one in which I went to sit for my 12th board exams and had prepared for the wrong subject. The worst part: I was in college. The final exams theme is a common dream (or nightmare) for many people who have PTSD due to having studied in highly competitive schools.