Tall guy and short girl makes the cutest couple-Not everyone has the same choice. Whether it be choosing a packet of chips or your partner for life, you cannot say that your choice is the best. Right? Wrong. There has been a study that says a critical element of a successful marriage is a significant height difference.  Specifically, short wives and tall husbands.

Tall guy and short girl makes the cutest couple

Tall Guys Satisfy The Needs Of Short Girls

Tall guy and short girl makes the cutest couple

The study says that tall men are able to easily satisfy the needs of short girls, whether it be taking something from the upper cabinet or the sexual needs.

Tall Guys = A Happy Marriage

As men are dominant creatures who love to exercise control over situations, they also control the happiness in the relationship.

Girls Love Tall Guys

According to the Journal of Personality and Individual Difference, girls are more attracted to tall guys as tall partners are more suitable for mating purposes.

Heightened Masculinity In Tall Guys

As short girls are really adorable and their height makes them look vulnerable, it elicits a sense of protectiveness in tall guys. There is a heightened sense of masculinity in tall guys when it comes to short girls.