7 Mistakes Capable Of Ruining Your Eyeliner That Must Be Corrected


7 Eyeliner mistakes-Girls know how important it is to get the perfect finish while applying the eyeliner. It is the key to the beautiful look that can take the hearts of many. However, a slight mistake can ruin it all. Here we bring to you a list of 7 very common yet neglected eyeliner mistakes which, if corrected, can make your eyes look flawlessly admirable. So, without wasting your time let’s just jump over to it.

1. The Blunt Pencil

Eyeliner mistakes

A blunt eye pencil will give a rough look to your eyes where the liners are seemingly uneven. To get perfect strokes, try it out with a sharpened pencil.


2. Lower Lid Colours

People think that the¬†colored liner on the lower lids will make them appear cool, just like the movie teams. In reality, it’s something else though. It will give you a weird look, that’s all.


3. Where’s The Symmetry?

While applying eyeliners you must make sure that the symmetry is maintained. Asymmetric eyeliners make your one of your eyes look big and the other small, and you can imagine how bad that appears.


4. Lower Lids and Liquid Eyeliners

Nothing could look as untidy as this. Liquid eyeliner is only for upper lids and you ought to keep pencils for the lower lids.


5. No Slopes

Applying the eyeliner just as if you are making a curved line is not enough. There has to be a variation in the shape you are drawing. The perfect mountain-like slope will make them look amazing.


6. Stretching Eyelids

This is something which I should have told you much before. It is one of the common eyeliner mistakes a number of people out there are making and ruining their looks. Stretching eyelids while applying eyeliners can make them look clumsy.


7. Blended Way Too Much

One of the vital steps in the application of eyeliner is blending. Not doing it the right way can cost you a lot. Always avoid blending it too much because it will create an intense look that will give your eyes a very dark shade.