The hand gesture is the most important way of non-verbal communication and is an ideal way to show your feelings to someone. Do you know the way your partner holds your hand or vice versa can say a lot about your relationship!! The depth of your relationship lies behind this gesture. It shows how much formal, familiar, dominant or submissive is an individual towards his partner.
Check out what your way of holding hands indicate your relationship

1) Downward Facing Palms:
This kind of gesture indicates that these type of partner are generally dominant and overprotective for their partner. They are quite confident and care enough about their loved ones. They also possess an overall strong personality.

2) The Interlocked Gesture:
This shows a strong attachment and passion between two people who are mad in love. They are very much obsessed with each other and feels comfortable with their partner. They are caring and honest with each other which builds a strong foundation for them.

3) The One-Finger Hold:
This gesture shows that both of the partners are instinctive and independent. Apart from their relationship they have their own world, interests, passion and desires. In other words, they have their own space and individuality but are still strongly attached to their partners.

4) Over the Shoulder Hold:
If your partner holds your hand like this then this reveals that are protective in nature and care for you. They are not afraid of showing their love at public places and share a strong, intimate relationship.

5) The Linked Arm:
This is the most common type of gesture which can be seen almost everywhere. This is shown when your partner is insecure and expects you to protect them.

6) Subtle Touches
Generally, this sign is shown when a partner is in a fun-loving mood but if this gesture is shown too often then this means that they are not at all serious for this relationship.

7) Avoiding holding hands:
If your partner avoids to hold your hand then this can be because of two reasons. Either he is not interested in you or maybe he is introvert or shy enough to hold your hands.