7 Of the craziest nail arts that you’ll ever come across!


When it comes to fashion, people go too over the board!Talking particularly about nails, Some people are seen gluing interesting and unexpected things on their nails, some models rock a mixture of metals on their nails while on the runway and so on.

We have compiled the craziest nail arts that you will ever come across in your life. Have a look at them.

100 layers of anything and everything

Brought to us by the YouTube 100 Layers Challenge that has taken the Internet by storm. First off: it takes a lot of time to put 100 coats of nail polish on your nails! Some even called it a ‘Polishmountain’ (no joke!). It must be heavy too. Girls experimented with colors and nail polish consistencies and frankly, it looks kind of cool. Check it out!

Succulent nails
Guys, this is amazing. Created by a botanical artist Roz Borg, this girl literally takes tiny succulents and plants them on her nails. She later takes kickass pictures and takes the succulents off to plant them in the ground. It sounds like a lot of work but look how pretty!

Fur nails
We saw it on runways. We saw it on Instagram. Is it time to try it out? Fur nails were a hit this year! All the beautiful ladies unleashed their inner kitties with that manicure. We are not entirely sure how to keep the fur away from your mouth when eating but look how cute!

Scorpion nails
Yes ladies, that was a thing this year too. As mortifying as it is, girls were getting manicures with baby scorpions and enjoying it. What started off as a joke in Latin America is now a trend. If you decide to try this trend for yourself – please be extra careful, ok?

Pom pom nails
Now this trend just made us smile! As it should – ladies glued pom-poms to their nails and honestly, it looks kind of fun. Depends on the party you are going to we recommend you totally go for some pom-poms on those nails! So. Adorable!

Mirrored nails
For those of us who are always searching for a mirror nearby, this trend is a lifesaver. Ladies, we give you the mirrored nails. You can achieve this effect by using a special chrome powder and a lot of determination – lots of work but so worth it. Are you intrigued yet? Let us know how it goes!

Oil spill nails
This one sounds dangerous but it actually looks kind of awesome! And you can totally DIY it! Metallic colors work best but you can try out something different. Mixed colors go well with almost any outfit – what more can we ask for? Holographic trend IRL – we love it!