Follow These Seven Tips For Makeup For Round Face


Round face makeup-If you thought that the makeup tips for everyone are the same, you are profoundly mistaken. Makeup tips differ according to the different face shapes as makeup is a potent weapon for highlighting your perfections and hiding your flaws. If you are someone who has been blessed with a round face, this one is for you. Flaunt your rounded chin, broad forehead and large cheeks with pride by following these easy makeup tips!

  1. Round face makeup

Round face makeup

If you want to make your round face look slimmer, make contouring your new best friend. Contouring your face in the downward direction would create the illusion of an elongated, thinner face.

  1. Focus on Strong Points:

The point of makeup is to draw attention to your strong features from the not so-so-perfect ones. Using a highlighter and a bronzer on your strong points and dabbing some blush on the chin and forehead creates a sculpted, chiseled look.

  1. Add Gloss:

For a girl with a round face, adding gloss is a secret tip that one should never miss. Whether you are wearing a nude shade lipstick or the brightest red in your kitty, always go for a gloss on the lips. Putting a bit of gloss on your lips draws the attention to the bottom of the face and creates the illusion of a longer and slimmer face. If you go for a dark shade, it is even better as dark colors have a slimming effect.

  1. Use Blush:

If you think putting blush on your round face will make it look even more round, you are in for a surprise. Depending upon the application and placement of the blush on the face, it can create a slimming look and enhance your features. Go for matte finish blush in warm shades and apply them in the upward or downward direction under the cheekbones and blend well.

  1. Winged Eye:

A winged eye look is one of the easiest ways to slim down your round face. When you create a winged eye look using a deep black or brown eyeliner, the deep curve of the winged eye makes your face and cheeks look slimmer and thinner.

  1. Draw Attention To Your Cheeks:

Girls with round faces often try to hide away their round cheeks when they should be flaunting them with pride. Do not skip on using blush on your cheeks. Apply the blush in the upward direction of the cheek, from your cheekbone towards the temple of the face. This will draw the attention from your round face and make it look slimmer.

  1. Proper Shades:

Choosing the appropriate shades for your makeup can go a long way in deciding your look for the day. Opt for lighter shades as lighter shades bring the facial features forward, while dark tones tend to recede them.  Go for shades which blend well with your skin color and highlight your features at the same time. Do not shy away from choosing a cream or powder, or a combination of both to get the best results. These were the round face makeup tips you should follow.